It should be stated that it is the output of any coherent top level business development plan that will drive the subsequent Digital Marketing Strategy as this part of the company’s activities [whether they do it themselves or use a full service digital marketing agency such as ourselves] will feed into the Marketing Funnel & targeted product / service Sales Funnel Strategy which in turn performs the lead generation and brand building necessary activities. The implementation of the above is in fact a combination of Marketing [that come from the strategy] Tactics that we here at Capid Houser make use of in relation to targeted internet Traffic Generation for getting increasing amounts of traffic coming to the business websites that is necessary if any lead generation or customer interaction is going to take place in any shape or form.

When we work with companies [in our capacity of being a search engine and social media marketing agency] providing website design and development for businesses services – after taking clients through the pre consulting phase they come to realise that part of the benefit of working with us is that we also provide digital marketing sales funnels in conjunction with Lead Generation tactics.

These tactics in fact serve to bring in new clients to the business’ website by nurturing them – through using chatbot marketing as well as strategic email marketing in a manner that leads them to becoming Loyal Customers who will [after excellent service has been rendered] end up being advocates for the organisation in question.

In terms of the function of a business that is constantly in touch with generating and converting leads – the internet sales and Marketing Funnels are a function of business operations that have become extremely important for educating clients in the products and services and company and operations with a view to turning Digital Internet Traffic into paying customers by making use of Marketing Automation [such as the artificial chatbot digital marketing as well as email sequencing that we provide] in order to enable business interaction to function on a 24 / 7 basis.

As we stress in our business consulting and marketing training – making use of  search engine marketing in conjunction with that of social media marketing which in turn work alongside various other new technologies is something that should be woven into the fabric of business operations. This is where examining organisational operations and then creating appropriate digital marketing strategies come into play as then the marketing agency is able to skillfully create digital marketing sales funnels for businesses which in fact are constantly executing the business development strategy.

The point being that the reason for having an internet presence [business website, social media as well as search engine visibility] in the first place is to be able to build the brand of the organisation as well as promoting products and services to specific target market segments. The marketing funnel has come into play and will in effect mimic the actions and steps that a live human being would take on the phone or in person – the sales digital funnel then in fact will need to be developed in line with the specifics of the organisation – we stress that this is where the skill of a strategic marketing consultant comes into play.

In closing – note that it is important for companies to get to grips with how marketing sales funnels work in conjunction with actual core company value propositions so that alongside having a “pretty” website; there will be a component of internet presence that constantly works to nurture leads and direct them to sales or depending on the nature of the business shuffle them through to an in person phone call where sales staff can take over from the marketing automation aspect …
… [the digital marketing sales funnel’s function is to take cold leads and take
them through a designed sequence which by the time they
speak on the phone to the company they are in fact “warm] …
… of the business and convert the warm lead into a paying customer. When examining various types of business – it is difficult to find an organisation that cannot benefit from having a custom designed digital marketing sales funnel in place in order to enhance their internet marketing presence.

The creation of a Digital [Search Engine & Social Media] Marketing Calendar forms a core component of the execution of the branding, promotion and advertising of a company’s products and services using the principle of connecting with clients using specific channels that are determined and utilised on the internet. Developing this method of internet business promotion is fundamental to top level business strategy development as it allows the marketing professionals to become organised and to take a birds eye view when it comes to what content to research, create and publish that relates to the core product, goods and services that the company in question sells into the marketplace at large.

At this point in time it is important to note that the whole point of creating a digital marketing plan and actually publishing content is to [from the point of view of Business Development and Marketing Strategy effectiveness] communicate with new clients and therefore to act as lead generation bait which in turn connect into email marketing nurturing and followup sequences.

With that said; by speaking directly to the customer by using a digital marketing content calendar which will focus on relevant happens in society such as public holidays, festivals, religions acknowledgement days, pet days, mothers / fathers day, valentines day, political historical events etc etc and the list could go on and on.

By using these events that the target market customers will be aware of and linking this with marketing content, the organisation will go on to receive higher levels of engagement that it otherwise would have. So this is the principles of making use of a search engine and social media marketing content calendar for business development purposes.

It is for this reason that companies will choose to work with a full service digital marketing agency in order to [with the understanding of their corporate strategy] conduct all of the [very] necessary market research which will consist of digging deep into social media network sentiment and trending content along with analysis keywords that come from the phrases and queries that customers key into the search engines. Armed with the trends this data can then be repurposed into blogging and article contents as well as for creating videos that can be used to speak to customers based on the concerns and discussions that clients are seen to be taking part in.

When these discussions, concerns and sentiments are translated into lead generation and customer nurturing campaigns and consistently published throughout the weeks, months and years on specific dates along with event specific content [e.g. valentines, mothers day or other public holidays] that is expertly crafted to to guide customers to learn more about products, goods and services leading to these clients [and prospects] becoming business company branding advocates.

We all understand that the fundamentals of the internet is based on that of content and the issues that any search engine and social media marketing strategy agency as well as the company looking to execute its own internet promotion plans face is first, what content subject matter to produce on a consistent basis.

The question of How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar is taken care of as a key component or fundamental of Capid Houser’s digital marketing strategy development execution that is carried out on behalf of its clients which are seen to come from different market sectors.

The content that is published on behalf our clients is part of our social media marketing agency strategy and comes in various formats and let it be said that video marketing comes in as a key fundamental when it comes to what content that we publish which will be shored up with blogging content, articles, press releases, micro blogging and others which will all serve to expand the digital marketing footprint of our partner organisation. So with that said – if you are reading this as a business owners, marketing professional, entrepreneur or work from home professional looking to focus more on your business and customers then go get in touch with us here at Capid Houser to learn more how we can assist you with taking  your organisation to the next level.

In the first instance please set some time aside to view our complete search engine and social media marketing agency strategy development process – then go through the questionairre and book a consultation call [our digital marketing agency chatbot is handling the interaction with you] so that we can get to work together in order to expand your business so that through it you will be able to more fully serve your target market customers through your organisation. Any questions then please do just get in touch : Stephen C Campbell [director Capid Houser]

In the world of marketing in general there are many moving parts and changes in terms of terminology and also when it comes to tools and techniques that can be made use of in order to enhance the way that target market customers are interfaced with. No matter what aspect of marketing is used or what terms are used to describe the tactic what really matters is how effective the method that is used to convey the message of the company in relation to key products and services.

One such term is that of Below The Line Marketing and in general this describes the strategies that companies use in order to promote products and services are via various media outlets other than what we see is in the mainstream which is that of radio, television, billboards, print [newspapers & magazines], and various film formats.

When we here at Capid Houser speak about Below The Line Marketing we apply it to Digital [a combination of Social Media & Search Engine] Marketing we incorporate this into our company client promotion and advertising campaigns. Part of the reasoning behind our school of thinking is that we develop full service digital marketing campaigns that are intended for specific target market client segments.

When we here at Capid Houser speak about Below The Line Marketing we apply it to Digital [a combination of Social Media & Search Engine] Marketing we incorporate this into our company client promotion and advertising campaigns. Part of the reasoning behind our school of thinking is that we develop full service digital marketing campaigns that are intended for specific target market client segments.

This applies for two aspects of digital business development that we recognise being that of Lead Generation in order to guide prospects through the marketing funnel with a view to converting them into paying customers and; for existing customers who depending on the business will end up becoming repeat paying customers as well as customer advocates which in turn has its own lead generation and brand building component of business development built into it.

By implementing Below The Line Marketing using core strategic techniques; it enables the company to get the most out of its advertising spend – as we work within our bristol digital marketing agency in order to provide excellence to clients in the form of internet marketing consulting, training and service delivery.

The implementation of strategic digital marketing funnels along with targeted email marketing which is in turn fuelled by chatbot agent marketing [which will further work to narrow down the focus of the customer as the artificial intelligence based agent will handle interfacing with the] all work together to make sure that when the customer eventually speaks with the company; they are actually a “qualified prospect” as they would have already answered various questions  and proven their suitability to be further engaged with the company.

The customer engagement that is implemented via the chatbot marketing agent is made possible by making use of data that would have been gathered in the market research phase [remember keyword as well as social media analysis !!] as well as data points such as customer support enquiries made by existing customers. These can all be factored into the digital marketing business development implementation phase of the company that will service to make the below the line marketing strategy execution even more effective in terms of lead generation and that of existing client nurturing.

So – terminology aside [BTL Marketing / ATL Marketing / TTL Marketing etc etc]; it is the core search engine and social media marketing agency strategy development and execution that is designed to interface with specific target market sectors as may be determined by where they interface [e.g. blogger, facebook, twitter, pinterest or maybe or via specified search engines or – How they connect such as will require the use of mobile marketing that within itself has become an important subset of business communication in line with that of ‘speaking to customers through targeted permission based email marketing.

digital marketing funnels

In addition to developing complete business website design and development projects the core of that which we here at Capid Houser deliver is our Full Service Digital Marketing Agency provision that in essence is made up of essentially taking a company’s top level core go to marketing business development strategy and; translating components of it into the digital marketing domain. The result of this translation of business plans is actually seen on the internet in the form of two main components [as we define marketing a business on the internet] which is that of Social Media and that of Search Engine Marketing.

In terms of Search Engine Marketing and the way that this links into a company’s strategy; for the purpose of this discussion this can be described by the fact that the vast majority of product and service research activities commence with consumers pulling up their favourite search engine and simply typing in whatever terms come up in their head in relation to that which they may be looking to purchase, hire or just simply to get more information on.

We mention the above due to the fact that the core of our search engine marketing agency execution practices is that of keyword research which links directly into the activities of the consumers as described above. Our performance of top level keyword research provides us with the foundation of that which we will make use of in order to develop content that we will publish on the internet.

This particular content that will be published will be based on the keyword database that we will compile, in summary – there will be links within the content – note that the content comes in various forms such as press releases, articles, blog posts, micro blogging, videos, emails, PDFs etc etc.


With that said – note that in terms of ranking a company’s website [the process to ensure that a website {or it is best to say specific pages on a company website} comes up in the search engines after a consumer types in a keyword phrase into the search engines] – it is the [company or product / service specific] content that is published around the internet on other platforms and websites all emanating from varying IP addresses etc etc, with the links within the content pointing back to the company website that will all culminate in working towards the ranking of the website.

Social media marketing research can be used for business development in terms of digital marketing strategy development as the company in question can be seen …

… to be leading discussions, their goods and services along with the excellent customer service that is provided will [we hope] be shared around the various social media networks. All serving to broaden the scope of the organisation and to increase that which we call Brand Equity.

At the outset – our Full Service Digital Marketing Agency research will provide us with a foundation bed that we will be able to use in order to shape the organisation’s social media activity. Then we will be able to develop activities [just as we do with search engine marketing] that will culminate in customers arriving at our main business website or other location on the internet that will present the consumer with more details or further information in relation to the product or service that they showed interest in via social media or due to the specific keyword that was typed into a favourite portal.

The above has been constructed to set the scenario as to how the consumer arrives at the top of the digital marketing funnel. As there is so much talk about Business Funnel Models in general and specifically how this relates to marketing a business on the internet. The Digital Marketing Sales Funnel that we develop will of course be specific to our client’s business model as well as their target market client’s profile. As an example certain businesses require longer sales cycles so that it may take say six months from the initial touch point with the prospect before they end up becoming a paying client.

In other cases the sales cycle [or length of the buying process] may be days or even hours and therefore the social media search engine marketing funnel will be designed accordingly. The point being made is to put the appropriate facilities in place to ensure the prospect is never let go of in terms of constant communication until a decision is made either way in terms of them [the client] making a purchase decision or staying on potential purchase list as the top level strategy dictates.

So – in order to use the analogy of making sure that the client comes back into the physical [shoe, computer, clothes, jewellery or maybe food] store time and time again – when using business internet marketing part of the implementation of a high quality business digital marketing funnel will serve to put the marketing message in front of the client at set times in order to nudge them closer to making a decision.

Certain decision making criteria are put in place within the design process and for each decision made by the prospect – they can readily be defined as moving to specific levels within the digital marketing funnel. As a general rule of thumb – the top of the funnel is wide and therefore we have a larger pool of prospects at this level. As customers move further down the business funnel – there is of course less space and this correlates to less customers being found at lower levels within the funnel.

Again – in general terms we will see a rise in fees being paid by clients with fewer and fewer numbers of clients being found at the bottom of the business funnel and corresponding higher prices being paid. In some cases this may run into many 1000s of £s/$s and a set amount of clients may be targeted to purchase certain solutions at set prices within set periods of times [say 10 high ticket sales every month].

In coming to the end of this discussion – it is worth mentioning some of the [more technical] tools that we make use of in order to effectively implement a business digital internet marketing funnel. We feel a quality email [autoresponder] marketing platform is necessary  – as example – we often provide prospects with the option to download certain expert information packs in exchange for their email address. The type and form of the content of the information will be carefully designed to act as a decision point serving to act to say “if the prospect opts to download the said information they are candidates to move to the next level within the business process funnel”.

Another tools that we make use of is that of artificial intelligence based chatbot marketing in order to interact with the clients so that we can learn as much as possible about the prospect before we either speak to them in the phone [often necessary for high ticket sales] or they opt to become a paying customer.

So – it can be said that the implementation of a digital business internet marketing funnel serves to mimic the activities of that which takes place in the non computer business interaction world. So – without an effective digital marketing process in place – companies will not be getting as much out of their online presence as they otherwise would with one in place.

If you wish to learn more on how to get an effective search engine social media marketing funnel implemented for your business operations – learn about our Complete Search Engine, Social Media & Facebook Marketing Strategy Development & Execution Programme For Companies – go through our funnel, book an appointment and we will look forward to speaking with you.

Capid Houser’s Digital Marketing Customer Loyalty, Deals and Awards System is based around the fact that in terms of building out a long term business development strategy in terms of promoting and fostering customer loyalty and getting to the point that customers go on to recommend the company that they have conducted business to their friends, colleagues and family.

In terms of looking at things from a digital marketing strategic perspective and examining the results of such customer loyalty and rewards programmes have had and are having; we do know that such systems work for lead generation, building up the level of repeat business which leads to increased revenue related to the sales of products and services.

So when we stop and take a look at the business operations of some of the most iconic corporations, SMEs and other businesses throughout the world and the success that they experience with customer loyalty systems the question that is often asked is …

customer loyalty rewards programs

… How Can The Smaller Non Corporate Businesses Have Such A Fully Functioning Customer Loyalty, Deals, Coupons, And Reward System In Place ? …

During marketing strategy and business development meetings; management often consider how their businesses could develop by making use of such customer retention and loyalty rewards systems; but often at the point of discussion – when looking at the costs and complexities involved in constantly having to print coupons and cards; distribution of the promotional material not to mention the waste coupon, scratch cards and deals leaflets that no long have any use to the business due to expiration dates.

Customer Loyalty Rewards

As a functioning Full Service Digital Marketing Agency – we here at Capid Houser offer various internet marketing tools and services that businesses can make use of in order to both expand their digital marketing footprint in terms of social media and search engine marketing. In addition to this and in line with this discussion this is where our Digital Marketing Smart Phone based system has been made available for businesses from different market sectors are able to take advantage of in order to execute corporate level customer loyalty rewards programmes that server to assist with customer retention, lead generation and revenue generation based on the increased level of business that comes as a result of any fully functioning Online Shopping Deals and Coupons system that is in place.

The system functions by providing customers with their own cloud based dashboard so that they can log in at their own convenience and create their own deals [using their own company images and graphics], coupons and even quite sophisticated customer client rewards programmes that can be used to allow customers to more fully engage with the restaurant, coffee shops, beauty salon, dry cleaners or other businesses looking to take their digital marketing to a higher level.

Clients are able to share their special offers, deals and coupons on social media straight from the comfort of their mobile phones therefore assisting the business with its ongoing branding and promotion.

We consider this service offering to be …

… The Complete Smartphone Based Client Rewards, Coupons And Loyalty System …

… the system has been so designed to increase customer retention and drive product and service sales leading to growing revenue generation. So if you as a business owner or marketing professional are looking to get a fully functioning client interaction system set up for your company – let us know and we’ll get your system setup with haste.

There are many and varied ways that any company may choose to make use of Artificial Intelligence Based Chatbots within their organisations; with that said – chatbots for customer support and service is one aspect of messenger bots that is being seen to enhance business operations. With customers having to phone in the companies and to wait to speak with customer service staff employees; when they eventually get to speak with someone they will get their query resolved often in quick time as experience shows – standard questions are asked and in many cases the staff knows the correct response to give before the customer has actually completed giving the full reasoning for their phone call.

As the nature of things dictate we will see the Pareto [80/20] rule coming into play with eighty percent of the customers who call into the company requiring a set 20% of responses based upon common operational issues with products and services.

Any company when they stop and think will be able to come up with a list of common issues that customers seem to experience, this could simply due to the way human beings are in terms of approaching the use of any product / service that they have a degree of unfamiliarity with.

The same will apply when it comes to emails that are received where the customers service staff are able to respond the queries based upon those issues which they have seen to come up time and time again.

Given the argument above – this is where we see that Chatbots For Customer Service come into play in terms of enhancing the level of customer interaction and support that can be provided to customers twenty four hours a day and in most cases we do know that there will not actually be a need for the customer to actually speak live with a member of staff in order to get their issue resolved. So here is where The Intelligent Chatbot for Customer Support and Sales can be put into play in order to enhance the brand of the company by at times giving customers the very information they receive on the spot.

So as we go through the process of Customer Care Chatbot Development we here at Capid Houser would look to work with our partner customer client / to collate as complete as possible [through a series of interviews with support staff along with conversations (phone calls & in person) and the scrutiny of the company’s website and product / service operational material] a list of the [eighty percent] known responses to specific questions that have been given and program these into the Customer Support Chatbot algorithms and then the customer service responses can be delivered to the customers without the need for employee intervention.

One point worth bearing in mind is that multiple conversations

[and it is worth noting that there will be no customers having to wait on the phone whilst a member of staff is busy with another customer]

are able to be conducted at any point in time which will free up time that otherwise would have been taken up by an actual employee that they will be able to use to complete other tasks.

Now with the artificial intelligence based chatbots engine base in action, whenever customers ask questions that have not been asked before; over time these questions will be added to the overall database which will in turn when the question is posed the next time the appropriate response will be given to the customer. Over time – without having to rely on the memories or mere experience of the customer service personnel in question, the company will end up with a database of all of the questions that customers are asking which will allow them to review such information within business development planning meeting which will show exactly how customer service chatbots are redefining customer support with the use of our artificial intelligence based messenger bots.

The ability for companies to refine their direct marketing communications has taken on new significance as we see that technology in the form of voice activated internet accessible devices has found its way into millions and millions of domestic households as well as companies and offices alike. When we view the process of communicating the message that any company has that it [by definition] must convey to the end user customers in order to build the brand that represents the company.

There are of course more traditional methods of getting in touch with customers such as via newspapers, flyers, leaflets, telephone, direct mail, radio, television – with that said we are all aware of the widespread and effective use of digital marketing which we define as a combination of social media and search engine marketing.

When we look at marketing from a tops down point of view we can see that it can readily be classified into two main pillars [there are of course other ways to classify marketing] that of Permission Based Marketing and that of Interruption Marketing. Permission Marketing is exactly what it says and is where we see [potential] customers raising their hand by virtue of the fact that they request information relating to specific products and services; therefore are wanting to receive that very information at the point in time that they make their request.

B2B Direct Marketing Via Amazon Alexa Flash Briefings

In terms of giving businesses the information that they require; the widespread installation of amazon alexa devices within offices, companies, co working locations and corporations is in fact a direct marketing channel [by making use of amazon alexa flash briefings voice marketing] that any business supplier is now able to access with current product updates, new product introductions, industry updates and other related information connected to the products and services they may wish to supply to the company in question.

So now – whether it be a work from home operation or large multi millions £/$ corporations; via amazon flash briefings we are now able to create effective direct marketing communication campaigns due to the brilliance of amazon opening up this specific sub digital marketing channel that by tapping into Amazon’s API we are able to reach local, national and international audiences.

We here at Capid Houser think that this may well be [one of] the ultimate business to business direct marketing with voice channels as we view how marketing to certain businesses at times in the past has been reserved for either existing suppliers or other large companies who they may look to and assume that they have a certain level of expertise and know how.

With the millions and millions of domestic households being seen to have amazon alexa devices installed – marketing professionals or those looking to get their name out there are now able to provide a wide range of information content by creating their own flash briefing and making them accessible by the end use consumer.

From a direct marketing communications perspective we can as an example simply look to drive customers to a website for more information or purposefully guide them down through what we call a marketing funnel. As the world of social media and search engine marketing continues to evolve we do not yet know what new tools will become available for us to use for marketing purposes – suffice it to say that amazon has opened up a channel to market that many otherwise would not have been able to get access to.

voice marketing

As with so many things around us in the technologically advanced world in which we live today when it comes to the method of communicating with the customer using digital marketing provides companies with many different tools, techniques and means for getting the unique value proposition of the company out through to identified target market customers. Various digital marketing tools that are commonly used within search engine as well as social media marketing channels are …

  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Micro Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • Blogging
  • Article Marketing
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

… and there are of course other digital marketing tools that have become available for the implementation of business development strategies for use by marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners and work from home employees. With that said in recent times we have been seeing the emergence of that which is termed Voice Marketing which has been driven by the increasing use of home and office installed voice activated smart speakers.

These voice activated speakers [which it makes sense to remember are being installed within company offices as well as home residences alike] have opened up another sub digital marketing channel that allow for companies to deliver marketing communications direct to business to business as well as business to consumers customers. This form of direct marketing has never been seen before as we consider how companies are looking more and more to gain a competitive advantage within the market place by maintaining top of mind awareness by giving customers the information they desire in relation to key products and services at the point in time that they require it.

It allows small businesses to compete with large corporate companies as now; they will be able to refine their go to marketing value proposition messages that are now able to reach target market customers [whether they be marketing to other businesses or direct to the end user customer] wherever they may be in terms of geography and of course the cost of doing so as compared to in the past has now been equalised.

Consider the case where a corporate company requires for example the latest digital marketing news and they have a smart speaker installed in their offices, they utilise voice marketing to obtain the information and they could come across Capid Houser’s voice digital marketing broadcasts, consume the quality information that we provide – which in turn could lead to a contract for our digital marketing agency uk as we look to continue with the expansion of some of the international clients [such as Swatch Group China, Iveco Trucks, Vienna Airport] that we have worked with in the past. In days gone by this breadth of reach in terms of marketing would only be possible for large corporates due to the costs involved.

Amazon Alexa Flash Briefings

With some fifity five percent of domestic households with the USA set to have Amazon Alexa devices installed by the year 2022, this will enable marketing professionals to make use of this form of digital channel [amazon alexa flash briefings] marketing in order to deliver their business development and marketing strategy communications directly to a potential 100 Million Amazon Alexa End Users. Consider how Capid Houser’s service offering can enable any business to now let millions of Amazon Alexa users consumer their marketing content daily straight from their devices – an ultimate for of voice digital marketing that can add to the methods used to build a business.

With tens of billions of dollars of sales of company products and services set to be driven directly as a results of  the information delivered through Amazon Alexa devices, it does remain to be seen how many companies jump [from a strategic perspective] to modify their go to market strategies using voice marketing for businesses in order to gain and maintain market share.

And In Conclusion …

The question that needs to be answered by corporations, small businesses as well as marketing professionals all around the world is are they going to ignore this particular form of digital communications which has been given the terminology voice marketing strategy development; as by doing so the opportunities exist for companies to be able to bring in a large amount of new customers as well as purchasers for the business in question – as you read this article as a marketing professional, digital marketer or business manager – check out our audio marketing strategy information page, then please do take the survey and book in an audio and voice digital marketing strategy and let us set up your company’s amazon alexa flash briefings in order to accelerate your business strategy.

Many company’s, business owners and marketing departments that have a presence on Facebook do not have the pixel installed on their website [we know this to be true because we use this as part of our analysis to find Facebook Marketing Clients]. Many companies may just not be aware of the pixel and of how to actually set it up. If some are aware they may not thing it is worth the hassle to learn all that needs to be learnt in order to get it installed and working in order to use Facebook Marketing Agency Strategies within their business operations.

However, smart business owners and expert marketers and advertisers know that if you want to truly succeed with Facebook Ads, then you need the Facebook pixel to be installed whether they set it up themselves or whether they choose to work with a third party company.

Facebook’s pixel installation on a company website is a key component when it comes to answering the question “How to use Facebook for business marketing”; note that the pixel installation is free and if the business is not technically inclined, a social media and search engine marketing agency such as Capid Houser can always install the code for any business they work with. The installation will be included within the Digital Marketing Makeover program.

To continue the discussion here is just but one reason why companies will get best out of their go to marketing social media marketing and advertising plans to give justification as to why organisations all over the world are engaging in strategic social media and facebook marketing for lead generation, brand build and revenue generation that stems from sales of products and services.

Create Of Facebook Custom Audiences.

With the Facebook platform there is an audience targeting tool which when used in sync with a top level business strategy will prove to be extremely useful as it enables companies to really focus in on the type of customer that they target with ads, the targeting will all be based on various factors such as customer’s location, their age, gender, interests, hobbies, and so much more.

Now with the use of the pixel, and bear in mind that this is not used in isolation but it is used in direction relation to the company’s top level business development strategy and therefore allow companies to take customer targeting to the next level. Companies are now able to target [as we do as a part of the Digital Marketing Makeover program] who have previously visited the company website, so marketers know that they are writing marketing messages for those who have already experienced the company in some way as they have already visited specific pages on the company website.

With the widepsread use of the internet that has been seen to seemingly come into contact with [almost] all areas of our lives; it is interesting to see how there has been a shift in marketing strategy development in general that is towards the increasing amount of important that is being placed upon that of marketing and advertising to that of connecting with existing clients and generating leads using the digital realm – in other words using digital marketing strategy development as a key component in the top level business strategy of the business or organisation in question, now even within the digital marketing aspect of business development there have been changes when it comes to …

  • Reputation Management Marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Video Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Email Marketing

It is important to note that the reference to the terms above are that which we describe as Digital Marketing Sub Channels. With that said; it is indeed interesting to see how there has been a shift in marketing and advertising to that of connecting with clients using [some of] the Digital Marketing Sub Channels. In viewing them as seperate entities [Marketing Channels] as we do here at Capid Houser allows us to more effectively effect the promotion of products and services to end user clients that have been identified and classified by the business in question or following our preliminary research as a key component of the Digital Marketing Makeover process.

We at Capid Houser offer services within the above digital marketing channels and in recent months we have been putting more efforts into getting clients moving with the social media marketing agency as there are so many ‘dead facebook business pages out there that in fact are not serving any real purpose in terms of getting more clients through the door for their respective companies and; generating additional revenues.

When we speak of Digital marketing in terms of Business Strategy Development it is of course but one aspect of what we call Channel Marketing or put another way; one path that a company uses to actually get into contact with the end user customer, as mentioned above we refer to this as a Digital Marketing Sub Channel and the most appropriate sub channel to use will only be determined after we have gone through the marketing segmentation exercise in order to get really clear when it comes to the “Who” we are marketing our products and services to.

There are various parameters that we can use in order to execute the market segmentation of our customers and when it comes to the Digital Marketing Sub Channels that we are able to make use of to connect with clients there are of course many but for arguments sake here are but a few …

  • Pay Per Click
  • Cost Per Action
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Video Marketing
  • Podcasting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Youtube

… and of course; the list could go on and on. But the focus is on that of Social Media Marketing and when we segment this aspect of Digital Channel Marketing we come to the place on the internet that billions of people on the planet are spending their time and that is Facebook.

It stands to reason that if their are so many people congregated in one place, all giving their opinions and buying preferences then this is actually a goldmine for businesses to connect with their prospective clients. No matter where you are in the evolution of your business, you are advised to take a look at the place that Facebook Marketing has to play in your business.