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In this day and age it is a given that Digital Marketing must be adopted in some shape or from either to deliver the products and services of an organisation or as in most case be used to communicate the value proposition of the company. As part of the Digital Marketing Makeover service offering we produce custom videos for each clients and these videos are used in both Search Engine & Social Media Marketing all designed the build the brand equity, raise awareness and bring clients into the marketing funnel culminating in new customers and incremental revenue generation,

With the consumption of online video rising almost daily companies are advised to use video in different formats [live filming, animation, whiteboard] in order to connect with clients depending on the market sector and the characteristics of the sales process and time frame. Therefore within the Digital Marketing context – Video Marketing has become and extremely important sub marketing channel through which to develop any business.

… as we touched on above is continuing to become increasingly popular in recent years [both in terms of customers consuming the video material and in companies using digital video marketing] and is a core component in the Digital Marketing Services for business as provided by us here at Capid Houser. The fact is that Video Internet Marketing has become a top priority for many businesses looking to gain more exposure in the crowded marketing space of the internet. We of course provide the full video marketing service for client and for those of you who is looking to understand more deeply that which we offer, and how may be looking to have a go at video marketing themselves; consider the following tips that can help you boost your brand awareness and rise above your competitors.

Research The Target Market

A common mistake that many business owners make is not thoroughly investigating their target audience. Researching your target audience is crucial as you’ll be able to understand their online habits, age range, demographics, and what they look for in products and services. Not only that, but you’ll gain insight to what their complaints are and what they’re most likely to share with others.

Be Specific With Targeting

Start by narrowing down who your primary customers and potential customers are. For example, if you own a nail and make-up salon, there is a good chance that your target audience is predominately female. Go through a checklist including age range, gender, and why these people would want your services. Then spend time doing market research, such as visiting online communities where your audience hangs out, and checking out online review sites.

Set Goals For Each Message

For example, increasing your brand awareness [which is a key component in the Brand Equity equation], gaining new customers, and multiplying your revenue are all good examples of what can be achieved through strategic digital video marketing. After the overall digital marketing strategy has been set, the company’s mission will be put forth via each video which aids in the actual desired marketing outcome.

Study The Best Performing

Once the top level marketing strategy has been determined and implementation has commenced, time has to be taken in order to research the most popular videos from competitors within the given market sector. Although it is OK to research videos in other industries, pay special attention to the types of videos being used in your industry. This will give you an idea of the type of videos that will engage and convert your target audience, bring them into the marketing funnel and ultimately into buyers.

For example, you may find that tutorials and product specification details (associated with Business To Business Marketing) and product demonstrations (often associated with Business To Consumer Marketing) work extremely well in your industry. In that case, you’ll want to make your own tutorials and product demonstrations that represent your brand and image. When creating your videos, go the extra step and try to make yours more interesting than the competition. If you need assistance or innovative ideas, consider consulting with an experienced video marketing consultant who can help create interesting, entertaining video content and market them towards your target audience.

Once you know who your audience is (broadly speaking Business To Business or Business To Consumer) and what they expect from a company, and what products and services they are interested in, you can then create powerful marketing videos catered towards their lifestyle and interests.

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