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Turn Negative Reviews Into
  • 5 Star Responses
  • Often it is disheartening to learn that customers have taken the time to leave negative reviews for your business as they feel that the level of services that they may have received just was not up to standard. We all know that there always are varying reasons for this and the question is, what do yo uas the business owner do with or respond to the negative review ?

    The fact is that the opportunity always exists for  specific actions to be taken in order to turn exisiting as well as any future negative reviews into those which become compelling 5 star responses.

    New customers will not only read any negative reviews but more importantly, they will read the responses that have been made by the company and this is the crucial point.

    The way how the respnses are crafted can result in making the company’s phone ring and assist in positioning your organisation as a leader within the marketplace.

    It is unfortunate that leaving Negative Reviews without responding to the can in fact cost the organisation Up to 30 Clients.

    Companies that respond to reviews on average generate up to 35% more revenues.

    85% Of Consumers Trust Reviews As Much AS Personal Recommendations

    Taking the above details into consideration, it is important to understand some of the reasoning behing this statement, this enables the company to take the steps to as a matter of process put in place systematic ongoing repuation management strategies in place.

    One Negative Review Can Cost A Business Up To 30 Customers

    One aspect of the above is due to the fact that addressing and responding to customer reviews have the knock on added benefit of aiding company’s website and overall online presence to rank  higher within the search engines for given keywords that customer key in, in addition to the aforementioned it aids in converting visitors into paying revenue generating customers.

    95% Of Consumers Read Online Reviews Before Making A Purchase

    With this point in mind, consider that if taking steps to implementing this specific digital content marketing strategy ended up converting even 1-2 more loyal clients a month; would the extra efforts have been worth it ?

    Stop Managing Company Reviews & Struggling To Craft Perfect Responses

    Companies are well aware of how potential clients take time out to read the reviews that have been left for their organisation by previous paying customers. However with all of the demands that are necessary when it comes to managing and running a business, the majority of businesses do not have the time to even read the reviews that come in plus on top of that having to find the time to craft compelling responses to every single review that customers take the time to leave.

    Our Done For Your completely Hands Free Digital Marketing Solutionl frees up busines owner’s time to work on th running of their organsation while we use compelling copywriting fundamentals to respond to every reveiw that customers leave. This has been proven to to an effective content marketing solution that functions to turn prospects into loyal customers effortlessly – especially when dealing with those negative reviews that have the potential to be so damaging.

    Business Reviews Management Services

    £ / monthly
    • Setup Fee
    • 10 Days Setup / Trial Period
    • Repond To Unlimited Reviews
    • Business Listings Optimisation
    • Respond To Past Reviews
    • Tracking Of All Responses
    • Auto Negative Review Notification
    • Reviews Collection Widget
    • Advanced AI-Powered Technology
    • Unique Bespoke Respnses
    • Boost Content Marketing
    • Claim & Optimize Local Profiles
    • Citations Publications & Bossting
    • Monthly Reporting

    Following Payment You Will Be Directed To Input Your Google & Yelp Details So We Can Being With Setup ASAP.

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