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Capid Houser’s Internet Marketing Agency Allows You To Focus On Your Business Whilst We Take Care Of Building Your Business Through The Digital Marketing Agency Using Tools Such As Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Paid Advertising & More …

Build Your Business & Brand

Connect With Existing Clients

Generate New Business Leads

Some Of Our Satisfied Clients

Our core service offerings consist of developing a brand identify for our clients on the internet and marketing and promoting their business with a view to connecting with specified target market clients to extend the reach of their business and to generate revenues. The business identity is based around that of core Web Design & Website Development Services; once that has been established we can then set out to promote the business through the implementation of our Social Media And Search Engine Marketing Services – the core of which could not exist if it were not for the Digital Content Creation Strategies that is utilised to underpin everything that we set out to do.

A Selection Of Our Service Offerings

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Development

    The Foundation Of All Of Our Work

  • SEO or Search Engine Marketing

    The Process Of Your Business Being Found Within Search Engines And Other Internet Content Portals

  • Social Media Marketing

    The Promotion Of Your Business’s Products & Services Based On Conversations, Likes & Interests

  • Digital Marketing Audit

    Our internet marketing analysis provides a footprint of the profile of your business as it is positioned on the internet

  • Video Marketing

    One of the key ways of engaging users on the internet used to deliver the message products & services of companies

  • Reputation Management Marketing

    The View Of & Promotion Of Your Business Based On Its Reputation From

  • Email Marketing

    A Cornerstone Of Digital Marketing : Building A Database & Executing Structured Promotions & Communications

  • Website Design & Development

    Complete Website Design & Graphics Services to serve as a foundation for your Digital Marketing Campaign & Footprint

  • Paid Advertising

    Working in conjunction with Search Engine Marketing, paid advertising is utilised in order to broaden the reach of your Digital Marketing campaign development

a Little Insight Into Capid Houser’s Digital Marketing Agency

One of the key points we continue to stress is that all Digital Marketing, Social Media & Search Engine Marketing activities are integrated into any existing top level Business Strategy. We focus on three key business fundamentals of Channel Marketing, Category Marketing & Market segmentation which includes branding, pricing, direct marketing and more …


With offices near the centre of the thriving city of Bristol, we work with clients locally, nationally & internationally


We have the full suite of Digital Marketing services to pull from in order to promote companies and brands


As a starting point we have developed websites for various market sectors including Beauty Salons, Financial Services, Wedding Services, Restaurants & more.

The focus of Capid Houser’s Digital Marketing Agency’s operations is to help businesses, their brands, their product & services become more visible online so that your chosen target market customers can find your company, its products and services after they search for specific and related terms via the search engines and using Social Media Marketing Agency strategies.

Digital Marketing & Social Media …

… is now a key component in the marketing mix of companies large and small. The internet provides way too many opportunities for your business to get the message about its products and services out to the world at large for this particular Channel To Market to be either ignored or, the execution of your marketing not to be carried out in a professional, white hat manner that will service to enhance your business. it praesent proin.

Content Digital Marketing

The ongoing publication of relevant company and brand specific content on the internet on various forums, blogs and information portals form a key component on the execution of a coherent Digital Marketing, Search Engine & Social Media strategy.

Internet Marketing Process

The process of Digital Marketing is key to ensuring that your company, its products and services are promoted on the internet. Capid Houser’s Digital Marketing process starts with your business strategy and existing digital marketing footprint.

Company Website Audit

There are various factors that need to be taken into consideration in the formation and execution of any Social Media & Search Engine Marketing strategy. In many cases the starting point will be an in depth Website & Digital Marketing footprint analysis.

Leave the complexities of online social media digital marketing strategies …

 ….. to Capid Houser, your partner in business. We specialize in business strategy consulting and digital online marketing and have worked extensively throughout Europe, the Far East and the United States with clients such as Hewlett Packard, Wipro, Swatch Group China, Black and Decker, Austria Telekom & OMV Petrom. Rest assured that with our consultative approach to your business [we do not have a one size fits all approach] – we will develop your online profile which will lead to improved search engine rankings, improved customer communication and satisfaction which result in stabilized and increasing revenue generation.

  • Save Money & See Results

  • Stay Focused On Your Business

  • We Understand The Technicalities For You

  • We Work The Search Engine Algorithms For You

  • We Look At Your Website Optimization

  • We Look At Your Website Optimization

  • We Are Your Social Media Digital Marketing Partner

  • We Implement Your Business Strategy Digitally

We Are Your Additional Staff Building your business using today’s technology and strategic internet marketing fundamentals requires personnel with very specific skill sets. Partnering With Us will mean that you do not need to engage in training personnel in internet skill sets with all of the extra monies that this will entail not to mention the extra time that it will take.

By Outsourcing your Search Engine, Video, Email and Social Media Marketing and other digital online marketing necessities to Capid Houser you will benefit from the significant advantages that online marketing brings to a business all without having to incur extra business expenses.

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Some Of Our Digital Marketing Agency Service Offerings For Businesses

Google Reviews & Customer Feedback Platform

Restaurant Digital Marketing & Online Ordering System

Appointment Verification & Payment Reminder Solution

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