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Digital Marketing Agency Frequently Asked Questions

How Do We Keep Up To Date Our Project ?
Every month we will update you on the status of the activities being carried out for you. Everything will be uploaded to your own secure membership area so you may access and check on progress and activities after they have been published.
How Do We Get Started ?

 In the first instance, get in touch with us via our contact page over at The first step will be analysing your Digital Marketing footprint, next we will need to make any necessary changes to your existing business website before we begin the wider internet based content publication.

What Is Your Method Of Working ?

We integrate daily, strategic tweeting [& other social media portals] and social media content creation and generation into our digital marketing service offerings.

Do We Have To Produce Our Own Content ?

Our Digital Marketing experts constantly analyse the market place in relation to your business and will write and publish content around the internet all designed to work with our content based Search Engine & Social Media Marketing strategy execution.

How Do We Get Support ?

No problem – in the first instance get in touch via our contact page at and our support staff will assess your request and get back with you with haste.

What About Email Marketing ?

We will host all of the required Email Marketing accounts which includes full setup of all Email Autoresponders whilst agreeing any pre-written emails that will go out to clients along with the development and download methodogies of any free reports or giveaways which are designed in part to foster interaction and to build the company email marketing database.

Our company does not have an existing website on which to base

a search engine and social media strategy, in that case will

you [Capid Houser] be able to design and develop a website for us

along with all of the content [images, videos, articles] that

will be needed ?

Yes we provide full scope design; and development of business websites.
This will be made appropriate for differing market sectors.
The resultant website for the company; will be the face of the business on the internet.
complete with digital marketing funnels, lead generation campaigns; as well as chatbot marketing as appropriate.
This will interface with customers when they visit the website.
as a result of our search engine marketing; campaign development.

Let’s Talk Digital Marketing

Please use the form below to send us an email, [anything related to Digital Marketing, Social Media, Search Engine Marketing, Video Marketing & related service provisioning] that way we can keep a record of our discussion – & one of our support staff will get back to you with haste

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Capid Houser is a strategic digital marketing agency and social media marketing services company currently specialising in developing and executing marketing campaigns for businesses from different marketing sectors such as Retail, Restaurants, Beauty Salons, Auto Car Dealers and Fast Food Outlets.

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