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Website analysis and auditing for businesses

Consider the following situation that takes place quite regularly with respect to the ranking of the website of a business – one day the website is ranking quite high in the search engines for chosen keyword phrases and the next time the business owner check how the rankings are performing they find that the site is nowhere to be found in the first 5, 6, 7 or 8 pages of the search results that have been returned.

Without being an expert when it comes to search engine rankings, algorithms and keywords research it is often the case that the marketer, manager of business owner has no idea as to why the search engine rankings should have dropped so dramatically. This is one situation where the business could make use of an expert professional website analysis and audit.

What Exactly Is Website Auditing & Analysis ?

The culmination of a professional website and analysis will result in the business owner being presented with a detailed report on the overall functionality of the website – that is to say, how well is the website performing as a the face of the business on the internet and its interaction with the search engines and live website visitors alike. The analysis report will cover areas such as :-

We at Capid Houser suggest that we are able to execute this service before your business commences with any site optimization targeted at your business website. If you decide to engage with us at Capid Houser to deliver business search engine optimization services for you we suggest that in the first instance we are able to commence with a deep review of your company website so that we can be in a position to discuss your business’ SEO project.

When marketing your business on the internet it is critical to take note of the fact that your business website lies at centre of your company’s online marketing and advertising strategies by conducting SEO, PPC & social media optimization  all of which directly contribute to traffic and website visitors coming to your business website. A defective web site could end up nullifying all of your internet marketing activities. A professional website analysis and audit as performed by Capid Houser and followed by appropriate actions will help your business to get the maximum benefits from online marketing strategies that have been executed within your business.

  • Internet Design and Website Structure

  • Page and Web link Errors

  • Web page Title and Meta Description Issues

  • Backlinks Review

Digital Marketing Agency Process
  • LINK Architecture

  • Comprehensive Target Keyword Study

  • Duplicate Content Study

  • Latent Symantec Indexing

Why Would A Website Audit & Analysis Be Required ?

Having a website audit and analysis will be the first step when it comes to taking steps to recover your business website from any search engine algorithm updates. With the search engines coming out with hundreds of formula modifications each year and with that in mind an examination of your website is recommended every year.

Google And Other Search Engine Algorithm Updates.

In addition to being better prepared to work with Capid Houser to execute a Search Engine Optimization campaign on behalf of your business, getting a website audit will likewise protect your business website from the search engine algorithm updates. In order to make sure that users are served up with the most relevant results when users are looking for information the search algorithms simply have to he updates on a regular basis.

When it comes to Google two of the most well know algorithms updates are called Panda and Penguin. Panda updates have been generally targeted at websites with sub standard content and Penguin updates have been developed to target internet spam. If you want for your business website to stay ahead of the competition you are well advised to engage with Capid Houser so that we can execute a Website and Analysis Report on your website.

Capid Houser’s Digital Marketing Agency’s Detailed & Comprehensive Website Ranking Report will analyse your Company’s Website Pages whilst taking your main competitors’ website into consideration. The criteria that we use for your analysis is based on Keyword Research & Search Behaviour – i.e. the keywords that users, clients and potential clients are typing into the search engines to look for the products, services and related content that your company sells into the marketplace.

Our research personnel will produce a comprehensive report detailing a raft of different measures that are likely to affect the Search Engine Optimisation and therefore the ranking of your business website in the major Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).

After making a detailed analysis of various factors taken from the top 10 ranking websites a gap analysis data report is generated. It is from the written instructions given within this report that the business will be able to take specific action steps to bring the pages in line with those business websites that have been found to be ranking higher.

It stands to reason that a detailed analysis of a company website should be something that is high on the marketing agenda as is the use of a Socia Media Marketing Agency – why ? If your competitors are ranking higher that your business website in the search engines for that which your clients are searching for, they will capture the leads that will turn into clients and revenue.

The more leads that any business can engage will by definition means that more customers will come into the digital marketing funnel of the business.

It is down to the fact that we perform a detailed analysis of the top ranked sites in the search engines – your competitors ! that will put your business website in a position to make specific changes in order to start to increase the amount of visitors to your business website. These visitors in turn convert into customers.

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