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Capid Houser is a UK, Bristol based digital marketing agency providing what is termed a full service range of internet marketing for business promotion and advertising execution plans that are designed to in effect implement core top level business development plans on the online world in order to communicate the message of the organisation  through chosen sub internet marketing channels through to chosen target customer segments.

UK Digital Marketing Agency Service Offerings

Providing A Strategic Integrated Digital Search, Social, Video & Content Marketing Approach …..

All of the above digital marketing agency fundamental execution points, all work hand in hand to execute the customer centric go to market strategy of any company we happen to be working with, this relates to the brands that relate to its core products and services.

Following this process is in order to connect with target market clients in the digital marketing realm [that we fundamentally divide into that of Search and Social – both are then further sub divided in to sub channels].

Using tools such as Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Chatbot AI Messengers, Mobile Apps, Progressive Web Apps and whatever bristol digital marketing agency tools are needed in order to most effectively execute any Search Engine and social media Marketing campaign that we develop.

Stephen C Campbell [with representatives from clients whilst on a business trip in China] …

Bristol Digital Marketing Agency

We have worked to develop Digital Marketing & Business Strategies with major corporations across the globe in over 25 countries throughout Europe, the Far East and the USA.
We specialise in providing Internet Marketing agency development services.

We at Capid Houser have worked with the likes of Swatch Group China, Alternative Networks, Black And Decker, Iveco Trucks, Procter & Gamble, Bristol City Council, Hitachi,
Fujitsu, Acer Computers, Dell, IBM, Genworth Financial & Heraeus and various SME in the Beauty Industry, Retail & Financial Services to name but a few. Some of our previous clients; the experience gained in working with them – we pass on to you ! Genworth Financial -Telekom Austria – OMV Petrom – Iveco Trucks -Swatch Group China
Vienna International Airport – Financial Services & Property Investing – Public Sector Organisations

Stephen C Campbell [delivering a presentation whilst on a business trip in India] …

… and the Capid Houser team

have been fortunate enough

to have developed our marketing expertise whilst

working with and for some

of the most respected

companies in the world –

it is through this

experience that we bring

you our UK Digital Marketing Agency.

Capid Houser Is Your Digital Marketing Agency.

A selection of previous clients …

Having worked with companies large and small all over the world throughout Europe, the Far East and the United States of America from varying market sectors. You may rest assured that we have developed significant experiences and know how from working with the marketing departments of these clients. This will all be used to assist us in our thought process as we develop your Digital Online Marketing Strategy.

We help businesses grow by improving

their Brand Equity, connect to Target Client

Segments using specific marketing

drivers of business growth such as

Reputation, Brand Promise & Reach

and expertly make use of

Digital Marketing, Social Media &

new technologies of the

internet for Business Strategy

Implementation purposes.

Now that you have more of an idea regarding our bristol based digital marketing customer focussed service offerings – feel free to browse around the website to learn more about specific topics that may be more related to your particular business criteria. It is worth noting that Every month we will update you on the status of the activities being carried out for you. Everything will be uploaded to your own secure membership area so you may access and check on progress and activities after they have been published.

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