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In this technologically advanced age with the widespread use of the internet and people’s propensity to use their smart phones at every given chance, we know how critical social media and digital marketing has become for retail businesses; many of these organisations depend so much on the repeat business of their customers and it is for these reasons why small business customer loyalty programmes are important for them to consider …

… this is due to the fact that many of smaller operations do not have the revenues and funds to put in place some of the schemes that larger corporates run. Now, due to the volume of tasks that need to be tended to involved in running such retail operations, there has been an ever increasing need for and use of a digital marketing agency that is so necessary in order to develop and execute direct to the consumer digital retail and social media marketing strategies.

This works of course
in conjunction with a retail company website that incorporates ecommerce and membership programmes.

There are a number of important points to take note of that are needed for a successful digital retail social media and digital marketing campaign …

… to be both designed and implemented and incorporated into a website designed for retail businesses that deals with multiple customers and operate within different sectors such as clothing, hardware and food.

As an example, it is important to ensure that there is an integrated approach that incorporates aspects such as …

The last point relates to understading the behaviour of the people who choose to business with a particular company.

 Note that it is very important as it enables the company to develop a clear picture and deeper understanding of the profile of their ideal clients. In addition to this the ability to know better those who have responded to content based marketing publications as well as other digital social media activities postings. The Customer Relationship Management’s data can be used for business development purposes later on down the road as the organisation looks to develop advertising and other promotions for lead generation for new business and referrals.

The components above describe some of the attributes that are desirable when a company is considering their Retail Social Media Marketing strategies which is based on the nature of that which is required for retail marketing institutions such as …

… which with high customer interaction which can be gained via Social Media, leads to viral sharing that generates buzz – all leading to more people reading about and being aware of the business, its promotions and offers leading to increased sales and revenues.

In general retail businesses have low ticket item offerings and as such there is a short sales cycle with customers often making on the spot decisions when it comes to say buying a meal or a pizza or purchasing that pepperoni pizza as soon as they feel some hunger.

Consider how much additional revenue could be generated if the smaller businesses used a professional website company to develop their online presence and through their retail marketing activities they were able to bring customers back into their stores over and over again. As we close this discussion we should make note that mobile marketing for business strategies and tactics should be mentioned that work hand in hand with content based marketing activities and search engine

Once a customer comes into the store, then tactics such as QR codes can be used which through the simple scanning of a mobile phone …

… clients can gain coupon loyalty rewards points as well as at the choice of the organisation’s business development plans – get directed to different pages based on the profile of the client so that they can take specific actions.

In conclusion – advertising and promotion strategies for retail products based businesses are different for B2B operations and high ticket purchases
and should be treated in that way.

Small retail companies are not able to put in place some of the credit type offerings of corporates and as such this is where the use of mobile phone based websites strategies come into play where the coupons and loyalty points can all be collected
and redeemed through the smart phone

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