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digital marketing agency for businesses – The Ultimate Guide

Some say that the term ‘Digital Marketing’ for business should just be ‘Marketing’ that is to say that the term Digital may as well be dropped as so many businesses out there are solely using Digital Marketing Agency’s [such as Capid Houser] to promote their business, its products and services and the underlying brand. As we define the process of developing a strategy and rolling it our for a business we build this particular marketing process around three main pillars i.e.

o> Search Engine Marketing
o> Reputation Management Marketing
o> Social Media Marketing
o> Paid Advertising

… i.e. according to the needs of your business it is a combination of the above that will be utilised in order to get the message of your company out to your chosen [this may have yet to be defined by ourselves on your behalf !] target market segments.

Search Engine Marketing is of course based around ensuring that your business website or other internet properties that are owned by your business is found when users go the various search engines that exist [Google, Yahoo & Bing of course being the most prominent ones] and search for topics related to your business. This form of marketing is based around the ‘Keywords that users type into the search engines and making an ongoing structured analysis of those relevant keywords can well serve as a basis for content creation.

Content creation and the publishing of that said content of course lies at the heart [in line with Social Media Marketing & Reputation Management] of how search engines determine just which websites should be served up in the search results relating to a particular keyword search. Links within the content that has been published on say a Tumblr Blog can direct users to different pages of your business website for the desired effect. With your quality content published around the internet they as well as your website can appear in the search engine results to for a part of your business search engine marketing strategies.

Reputation Management Marketing is a subset of Digital Marketing that has grown over the past few years and deals with the Public Relations aspect of your business based on various internet portals that exist for the publication of customer reviews, product descriptions, user testimonials and related content that also get indexed by the search engines and of course are a major source of content consumption by your current or prospective customers and of course of that of your competitors.

Carefully managing the publishing of content on the vast number of these properties has now become essential as well as reacting to questions and comments that may be posed by prospective or current clients as we live in this increasingly digital age.

Social Media Marketing has now become familiar to most of us whilst many of us use sites such as Facebook as our primary means of communicating with our friends, colleagues and family members. Well; in terms of marketing with individuals interacting by giving their suggestions, liking certain topics and commenting on their shopping and product experiences this provides a wealth on information that can be used for marketing a product or a service. If for example someone is a member of multiple pages or groups related to beauty, hairdressing and maybe restaurants – by using the advertising platform of the various social media networks and carefully and strategically placing adverts, special offers, coupons, time sensitive deals and other marketing collateral in front of users – this can serve to bring individuals into your marketing funnel.

Paid Advertising is used within the search engine and also within the social media marketing spheres and across the various advertising networks that exists that may display banner ads as an example, one can get their messages displayed organically which takes times or choose to get instant website or social media traffic by paying for ads to be displayed and thereafter funneling the users into the company marketing funnel as appropriate.

It is due to the various complexities involved in analysis internet activities, creating and publishing multiple pieces of content on a daily basis that has given rise to Digital Marketing Agencies such as Capid Houser as many companies just do not have the time, skills or money to execute all of the digital marketing activities themselves or indeed to take on additional staff to perform the skillful tasks. The question is often asked – should a company do this themselves to which we reply providing the analogy that BMW do not make tyres but they need them for their cars or Coke do not make bottles but they need them for the drinks and indeed there are many companies that focus on their core competencies and partner with marketing experts to develop and deliver their messages.

So if you are really looking to make your digital marketing for business a success – why not contact Capid Houser today and let’s being a discussion and see how we can work together to market your business using the various digital marketing technologies that are available to us.

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