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Gamification for Marketing

With the need for a fun, interactive approach to learning, gamification rises to the occasion. Whether it’s school based, or used for learning techniques in a trade, gamification takes an in-depth look at the different aspects of the techniques used for a particular area, and compares these techniques to easy-to-understand game references, making them much easier to understand and aiding in the overall comprehension of the subject.

This Digital Marketing Agency article will serve as a gamified tutorial for marketing strategies, and hopefully aid in your comprehension of the overall foundation that new marketing techniques are based off of. To start, we will compare marketing to a fishing game, in which the user uses a fishing pole and bait in order to reel in and ultimately catch a fish.

Step 1: Bait (Create interest) :

The first step to any successful social media marketing agency campaign for a new product or service is to create interest in (or bait) new potential customers. By casting a line into the customer pool with bait such as advertisements or word of mouth, you create potential customers that are interested in learning more about your product or service. This is incredibly important, since without interest your product or service will ultimately fail.

Step 2: Wait (Allow time for the bait to attract attention) :

If customers are not immediately drawn to the bait that you have cast, there needs to be a waiting period. It is important to continue persevering onwards when launching a new product or service, as there are multiple ways of baiting customers. The initial bait, or advertisements, only reaches the audience that has viewed the advertisement. After this initial bait, the customers tend to talk about current products and services on the market, leading to other potential customers’ attraction to your product through word-of-mouth.

Step 3: Reel (Once you have attention, attract the customer) :

When you have gained the attention of a customer, it is time to reel them in. This is done in a few ways, such as allowing the customer access to an online website where they are able to read reviews and more information about the product. When this website has been made user-friendly, the customer feels at-ease with the product, and when the customer is satisfied with the knowledge they have about the product or service, it is time to catch them!

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Step 4: Catch (The customer purchases the product or service) :

The fourth step is the goal that every other step has been leading to. Once the customer has gained sufficient knowledge about the product or service, it is time to pull them into the boat (or your customer base.) An informed customer is a happy customer, so make sure there are plenty of outlets for the customer to gain more information about your product or service. Once you have achieved a sale, continue baiting other customers, as well as the customer that you have already gained. It is a good business strategy to have a product or service that customers will want to re-visit and buy again, because your overall revenue stream is substantially increased.

Hopefully this guide as a part of our Social Media Marketing Agency methodology furthered your understanding of the basis of all marketing techniques. Bait, wait, reel and catch the customer to make a sale, and your marketing technique has effectively worked !

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