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In the vast majority of cases when we here at Capid Houser commence working on a new client’s Digital Marketing Programme we generate a Detailed & Comprehensive Website Ranking Report which serves as a foundation to the content based marketing work that we will carry out.

There are many different aspects to the creation of the website analysis and SEO audit report and the tasks that will need to be carried out. In the first instance we will analyse your Company’s Website Pages along with that of your main competitors. The criteria that we use for other companies operating within the same marketplace is based on Keyword Research & Search Behaviour – i.e. the keywords that users, clients and potential clients are typing into the search engines to look for the products, goods and services and related content that a particular company sells into the marketplace at large.

Our digital marketing agency research personnel will produce within a comprehensive report detailing a raft of different criteria and other measures that are likely to affect the Search Engine Ranking of the main company website which is affected by on page Optimisation and other factors; therefore the ranking of the company website in the major Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).

After making a detailed analysis of various factors taken from the top 10 ranking websites a gap analysis data report is generated.

It is from the details that are provided within the report that we use as a digital marketing agency process in order to broaden the scope of the organisation on the internet.

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There will be pointers and other detailed instructions given within the report that we will use as a basis to create written content marketing strategies in the form of articles, blog posts, press releases and other forms which relate back to the company website that in turn assists with the overall ranking positionings. A core part of our content marketing for business process is to take specific action steps in order to bring the pages on the website that relate to different aspects of the organisation. The objective will be to rank specific pages of the website both within the search engines as well as within the scope of the various social media marketing channels.

It stands to reason that a detailed analysis of a company website should be something that is high on the marketing agenda as is the use of a Search Engine & Social Media Marketing Agency – why ?

If a competitor happens to be ranking higher than another business website within the search engines for that which a particular market segment of clients are searching for, they will capture the leads that will turn into clients and revenue – looking at things another way, these could have been part of your organisation’s digital lead generation campaign..

The more leads that any business can engage with will by definition means that more customers will come into the digital marketing funnel of the business.

Taking for granted a the face of the business on the internet has been created by using a website design and development agency, moving on from that it will be down to the fact that we perform a detailed analysis of the top ranked sites in the search engines – your competitors ! that will put your business website in a position to make specific changes in order to start to increase the amount of visitors to your business website. These visitors in turn convert into customers. Send Your Details and we’ll get back to you re. your competitive analysis reporting of a specific company website.

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