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SMS Text Message Marketing For Small Business

The world of marketing a business on the internet continues to change at a rapid pace, and in order for companies to keep ahead of matters in order to continue to connect with and engage with the existing clients and generating new business leads it has become necessary to embrace multiple forms of customer engagement within the digital marketing sphere.

It is with this in mind that we address the topic of SMS Text Message Marketing as a form of marketing communications that can be made use of to provide businesses such as …

  • Burger Bars

  • Beauty Salons

  • Wine Bars & Pubs

  • Car Wash Outlets

  • Hairdresser

as well as other business types such as Kids Play, Gyms & Fitness Outlets, Chiropractor, Florists, Bed & Breakfast Hotels, Pet Store, Takeaway Food outlets and other suitable business types  … with a definitive competitive advantage within the marketplace that they are operating

Text Message Marketing & SMS for Small Business

When companies make the choice to utilise Text Message Marketing & SMS for their Small Business the fact is that the methods used to you build their client lists and other databases, engage with their customers and generate incremental sales will never be the same again ! There are of course many advantages attached to incorporating this form od digital marketing strategy into companies, leads them to experience some 98% of their messages opened and read within mere minutes, this does provide massive FIRST MOVER Advantages.

Making a note of the aforementioned, it is especially pertinent when one considers that here at Capid Houser we in fact provide Advanced
2-way SMS Chat Bot Technologies that o rganisation can use to interface with their customer bases.

In order to provide the very best text message SMS marketing

for small businesses, some of the features

that we are able to offer clients depending on the level

of SMS marketing strategy that are

required to be developed and executed are …

As we integrate this form of SMS automation customer communication into our clients Business Development Strategies, part of the net effect is that businesses experience …

  • Keyword Campaigns

  • Live SMS Chat

  • Unique Sender Numbers

  • 2 Way Chat Bot Automation

  • 1 Way Offer Alerts

Massively boosted conversions and customer engagement.

The building of targeted segmented prospect lists on complete autopilot.

The provision of Upsell Offers.

Client Support Services.

Customer Loyalty Reward Programmes.

All of the above is made possible through the use of our Advanced, SMS 2-way Proprietary Technologies that you will be pushed hard to find anywhere else as we integrate this with Search Engine Content Based Marketing and that of Social Media Marketing Strategy execution.

As there are many businesses operating in different market sectors all looking to get a foothold in terms of the execution of their digital marketing strategies. One matter remains constant and that is that every business out there in fact needs more lead generation, paying customers, and sales of products and services; that is whether they be Local, National, Online or Offline wherever the sales comes from it does not really matter.

What does matter is getting the marketing messages of organisations opened and viewed and attention paid to them is getting increasingly more and more difficult.

sms text message marketing strategies for business

Making the steps towards developing and executing what we term as Cross channel marketing is what we view as the key to maximising the engagement with customers and subsequent and conversions into paying customers. It does stand to reason that the more digital marketing channels that are incorporated into a business development strategy and used to communicate with a customer, the higher that the engagement will be which will in turn obviously lead to more sales and revenue.

This is where the effective use of SMS Text Message Marketing for businesses comes into play and why we make this digital marketing methodology and technology along with our other services such as search engine marketing, content based marketing, website design and development, digital marketing makeover business branding services available to our customers so that they can fully engage with their customer base.

Why SMS Text message marketing for business development ?

In our estimation it is in fact right now the number 1 platform that has been seen to Out Perform all other digital marketing agency communication methods is that of SMS Text Message Marketing. With this in use by a company the organisation will experience ways to get almost all of their communication messages delivered instantly and more importantly, the said messages actually get opened and subsequently read within minutes and all for relatively low costs when compared to the revenue generation and when compared with other forms of marketing communications.

Mobile Phone Based Customer Communications.

In terms of the continual development of customer communications strategies, small
businesses really do need to consider the fact that the use of Mobile Phone useage is so widespread, to illustrate this point we can all testify to the fact that
many of us in fact start out our day with using these devices i.e. from the very
moment that we wake up.


Direct To Consumer SMS Marketing.

For the conveying of business messages it is important to note that customers do not
need to be logged in to any of the social media portals such as Facebook, Instagram
on top of that there actually is no need to even have an account with any of them
and there are no restrictions when it comes to sending volumes as that what be
experienced as an examples when using a platform such as Whatsapp.

When it comes to each client that we work with in order to set up SMS digital marketing
campaigns, we in fact provide a unique SMS number that gets associated with the business in question.

We take care of all of the setup design of the automated chat bot flows so that companies can pay attention to running their operations.

By adding this form of business development channel to organisations it will become more easy than before when it comes to generating confirmed enquires on complete autopilot USING SMS AUTOMATION.

Some Of Our Internal Development Projects For Specific Market Sectors

SMS text message marketing has some major advantages compared to email, the biggest being the massive open rates up to 98% withing 3 minutes

Imagine sending 1000 text messages for just $20 and getting 900 opened withing 3 minutes … This is the sheer power of text message marketing.


Take a look at these conversion rates when compared to each other, this is one of the main reasons why it is so important to combine multiple customer communication methods.

Getting marketing communication messages opened quickly can have a dramatic effect on the customer taking action.

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