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There can be no argument when it comes to the role that using a Digital Marketing Agency has to play in the overall implementation of the business development strategy of organisations. The internet is of course a direct company to customer channel to market in terms of …

We know that many larger companies make use of search engine and Social Media Marketing Agencies and have large budgets that are outside of the scope of smaller companies and as a consequence they do end up getting great results from their available spend.

For the purpose of this discussion, we will turn our attention to those smaller businesses and related organisations, possible those with multiple stores and outlets that may not be national and do not have the 10s of 1000s of £s or US$s of marketing budgets to spend on a monthly basis.

They most likely will have worked with

a website design and development

agency in order to establish their

presence within the online world …

… this will be representative of

the business brand and act

as a hub for all search

and social enagement activities.

it may incorporate chatbot marketing for lead generation interactions that work in conjunction with video and content based marketing principles that engages so well. This is where of course many businesses choose to execute their online marketing by delegating the tasks to a member of staff. Our uk digital marketing agency experiences [consulting, training and strategy execution] shows that companies go on to setup a Facebook page along with other social media accounts such as Twitter & Instagram and then set about with the task of inviting friends, family and clients to ‘like their page and to share content with a view to building interactions in order to expand the equity of the brand.

In terms of owning sections of the internet through content based marketing the next …

… ongoing tasks is to continue to update the various search engine as well as other social
media network pages …

 … with fresh, relevant product / service related content that is engaging and the main point of this is that …

… Social Media Posting & Activity Should Function As Part Of A Marketing Strategy …

To provide an example, inviting people to like a Facebook page or to share a specific Tweet should serve to bring clients through a lead generation campaign process. ie. through the business’ marketing funnel but what we see is that in so many cases the company ends up with a like or a share and not much else !!

This forms part of us here at Capid Houser’s digital consulting philosophy and is one of the reasons why our search engine and social media marketing agency for business was created in order to act as the marketing arm of smaller businesses to solve the issue that exists. We have developed a true process [which often uses chatbot marketing agency agents for lead generation and other customer interaction at a tactical level] and system based on empirical results from actually executing social media campaigns and ranking websites with competitive segments …

… we do recommend that we are allowed to execute without cessation or at least to run for a minimum of 12 months and we [after research and analysis] post relevant, engaging and ongoing content that serves to generate news prospects, build a client database for the company [to be used within email marketing campaigns] and then move on to transfer those prospects into paying clients leading to revenue generation.

As the subject of this discussion states, we also create and manage a Customer Relationship Management system for clients which acts a a digital marketing customer segmentation operation and email marketing systems enabling customers to run ongoing marketing promotions and customer loyalty programmes for small businesses and contests based around parameters such as family vacations and national holidays.

If you are a business owner frustrated with the returns that you are getting from sporadic digital marketing efforts take a look at our integrated digital marketing campaigns process that make full use of video along with content based digital marketing and then get in touch with Capid Houser to learn how we can be of service to you.

To your success,

– The Capid Houser Team

Capid Houser

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