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It should be stated that it is the output of any coherent top level business development plan that will drive the subsequent Digital Marketing Strategy as this part of the company’s activities [whether they do it themselves or use a full service digital marketing agency such as ourselves] will feed into the Marketing Funnel & targeted product / service Sales Funnel Strategy which in turn performs the lead generation and brand building necessary activities.

The implementation of the above is in fact a combination of Marketing [that come from the strategy] Tactics that we here at Capid Houser make use of in relation to targeted internet Traffic Generation for getting increasing amounts of traffic coming to the business websites that is necessary if any lead generation or customer interaction is going to take place in any shape or form.

digital marketing sales funnels

When we work with companies [in our capacity of being a search engine and social media marketing agency] providing website design and development for businesses services …

… after taking clients through the pre consulting phase
they come to realise that part of the benefit of working with us is that we also provide digital marketing sales funnels in conjunction with Lead
Generation tactics.

These tactics in fact serve to bring in new clients to the business’ website by nurturing them – through using chatbot marketing as well as strategic email marketing in a manner that leads them to becoming Loyal Customers who will [after excellent service has been rendered] end up being advocates for the organisation in question.

In terms of the function of a business that is constantly in touch with generating and converting leads – the internet sales and Marketing Funnels are a function of business operations that have become extremely important for educating clients in the products and services and company and operations with a view to turning Digital Internet Traffic into paying customers by making use of Marketing Automation [such as the artificial chatbot digital marketing as well as email sequencing that we provide] in order to enable business interaction to function on a 24 / 7 basis.

As we stress in our business consulting and marketing training – making use of  search engine marketing in conjunction with that of social media marketing which in turn work alongside various other new technologies is something that should be woven into the fabric of business operations. This is where examining organisational operations and then creating appropriate digital marketing strategies come into play as then the marketing agency is able to skillfully create digital marketing sales funnels for businesses which in fact are constantly executing the business development strategy.

strategic marketing consulting

The point being that the reason for having an internet presence [business website, social media as well as search engine visibility] in the first place is
to be able to build the brand of the organisation …

… as well as promoting products and services to specific target market segments. The marketing funnel has come into play and will in effect mimic the actions and steps that a live human being would take on the phone or in person …

… the sales digital funnel then in fact will need to be developed in line with the specifics of the organisation

… we stress that this is where the skill of a strategic marketing consultant comes into play. In closing – note that it is important for companies to get to grips with how marketing sales funnels work in conjunction with actual core company value propositions so that alongside having a “pretty” website; there will be a component of internet presence that constantly works to nurture leads and direct them to sales or depending on the nature of the business shuffle them through to an in person phone call where sales staff can take over from the marketing automation aspect …

… [the digital marketing sales funnel’s function is to take cold leads and take them through a designed sequence which by the time they speak on the phone to the company they are in fact “warm] …

… of the business and convert the warm lead into a paying customer. When examining various types of business – it is difficult to find an organisation that cannot benefit from having a custom designed digital marketing sales funnel in place in order to enhance their internet marketing presence.

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