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Use Social Media Strategically to Build a customer database

How to Use Social Media Strategically to Build a customer database

Digital Social media is a fantastic business development tool and there are many ways a company can monetize a large number of fans or likes and grow revenues successfully as a result.

At the same time though, this form of reaching out to customers comes with some significant limitations. Chief among these is the fact that it means that any company will be relying on a third party to provide access to their fans, at this point this is why many organisations choose to work with a full service digital marketing agency to assist them with developing their internet business planning and execution.

As an example, If a particular social media portals happens to change their terms and conditions (which often happens) the business ‘page’ can become worthless to the company overnight.

In addition to this, if a customers stops using Facebook, then the company in question will in turn lose access to those clients or potential new ones.

Engaging in strategic email marketing

This has been proven to be that which is a much better and more direct method to communicate with potential customers but unfortunately looking to implement this form of business development can prove to be harder to develop, build and grow due to the fact that individuals can tend to be rather protective when it comes to passing our their personal details.

The objective then ought to be to take the business social media account and to take steps to convert any followers on these platforms into direct subscribers. Here follows some steps that any business owner or marketing professional can take note of in order to make use of this in their business.

Content marketing using images, text and videos

One of the main methodologies that business owners can utilise is to convert their social media platform followers into email subscribers is to provide quality content that will be shared. In this way, the resulting actions will be to lead visitors on the wider internet to leave the various social media portals and ideally end up at the business website where they will be presented with an opt-in form where they can enter their information.

One of the main benefits of using these tactically is that the content does not even have to be created by your organisation

having said that bespoke video marketing has been found to be extremely effective. Any search engine and social media marketing agency will be able to provide tools that enable your business to add links that have the ability to display pop up boxes whenever someone makes an attempt to leave the specific page.

In this way, marketing professionals can find
content in their particular market sector that is engaging

and already being consumed by people and then share that same content with the knowledge that it will be successful when used in conjunction with any opt-in forms used on the website.

promotion of goods, products and services

With a social media account any company will be able to develop a captive audience and make use of it in order to generate interest in whatever the core service offering are.

ChatBot Marketing Strategy Development

If the company is one that often provides discounts as well as special offers through their email marketing database then they will be able to let people know about all of the exciting offers that may be seasonal and then go on to provide links where they can be purchased and this can be effected by going direct to their mailing list. In the same manner, if the company happens to have a product that is coming up, the organisation can talk about how that specific product will change thing in lives and make suggestions that individuals sign up if they wish to find out more details.

Customer Engagement via social media

Making use of social media portals provides that which is a great opportunity engage and discuss business matters with the target market audience.

It does make sense to ask questions of the website visitors and in turn be sure to answer them, many companies are now making use of chatbot marketing strategies to implement this form of business development as engaging in discussions with clients is a proven way to grow a business customer base.

With this method of implementation individuals will feel more ‘included’ with what the company is taking part in and will have the desire to take that involvement further, some will go on to sign up for any ‘VIP’ memberships that the company may be running.

Customer value provision

Perhaps one of the more important focus points is to ensure that the company provides value by using video marketing and high quality written content that are all interesting as well as entertaining, this must be done on a regular basis. Executing any digital marketing agency strategy in this manner, new and existing clients will make the assumption that the business’s strategic email marketing mailing list will offer outstanding value too.

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