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Integrated Digital Channel Marketing

As we become more and more of an internet enabled and connected world especially with the rising use of mobile devices and technologies it stands to reason that business must make use of the internet [termed Digital Marketing] for the promotion of their businesses.

The term that we have come to use for this form of marketing is that of Integrated Digital Channel Marketing so let’s take some time to consider just what we mean by making use of this term.

First it is important to view Digital Marketing as a subset of Channel Marketing, just as a company may have used the television in the past for adverts in order to communicate messages to end user clients or a supplier of frozen foods may use a distribution warehouse through which to supply retail stores, now the internet may be used as a Channel to Market to …

  • Communicate the Message or Core Value Proposition
  • Sell products and services

… To the end user market place. That establishes the digital realm as a marketing channel and we implement this by using an appropriate [after consultation and analysis] blend of …

  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Video Marketing
  • Podcasting
  • Content Publication

… and more which are deposited strategically in various silos on the internet. Now the integration part comes into play in tow parts, first as we have discussed – ie. we put the most appropriate focus and attention onto aspects of such as Social Media Marketing which ties into the top level business strategy. Next within the expert analysis and consultation phase we delve into …

  • Market Segmentation Strategies
  • Category Marketing
  • Ideal Client Profiling
  • Branding Strategy Development

… aspects of the business. In effect it is by gaining a deeper understanding of these core aspect of business strategy development that gives Capid Houser the ability to provide massive value to companies in terms of Digital Marketing Strategy development.

Depending on where your business is in terms of using the internet to deliver its core message to end user clients and, you may wish to contact Capid Houser in order to discuss our ongoing monthly digital marketing branding and strategy development options.

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