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digital marketing strategy planning

It is said that “A picture is worth a thousand words”. This is especially true when it comes to the digital marketing world as more and more companies are looking to make sure that they [the business brand, products and services] are visible on the internet – this is increasingly implemented through the use of video marketing along with creative use of images that are embedded within written content pieces.

With that said, any organisation can easily find out about the products, goods and services of their competitors by taking a quick look at their websites. One good thing is that a company does not have to visit each website individually. As a basic marketing research function a business owner can just go to any search engine and type in the name of a particular company or a product or service and then one will be presented with all the information that they are in need of within seconds. Looking at things another way, it should always be kept in mind that an effective digital marketing agency  plan will work to ensure customers can find a company, this form of promotion and advertising makes things convenient for clients and of course saves them a lot of time.

But how can a company make sure that their customers will get all of the information you need in terms of connecting with them via effective
search engine marketing and social media marketing strategy development  ?

Of course – developing online business development plans that work are not that simple, it is for this reason why companies do choose to use internet marketing for business agencies. 

Then centre of the development of social and search execution plans is effective keyword research. We here at Capid Houser are internet marketing professionals and understand that keywords are the centre of content, videos and other campaigns and that they should be specific and relevant to any business we happen to be working with. As we look to develop search, social, content and video campaigns in order to promote products online, we will go through the process of understanding the exact keyword phrases that individuals use to seek out the company’s goods and services.

If you are looking to understand some of the thought process behind our digital marketing makeover execution work, here are some insights on how we use keywords to broaden the reach of businesses on the internet :-

To make sure that getting maximum results from customer search, we perform relevant keyword research. This can be done simply by typing the keyword phrase into a search engine and see what results come up.

Make sure lookup phrases are used correctly. There are many different ways of using search phrases. As part of our website design and development services we may choose to use them in title tags, meta descriptions as well as in website content, also within link text, etc. But it should be born in mind that the way these are uses do in fact have a great impact on the number of results that are obtained.

Use appropriate synonyms. These are words that sound similar but mean completely different things. For example, if a customer happens to be looking for “digital camera”, they might also be interested in purchasing a “digital camcorder” or maybe a “camera”. So instead of using these words separately, one may try using synonyms such as “digital” or “digital camera”.

Make use of numbers. Often these are ignored by search engines because they are considered to be spam. But this is not entirely true. Search engines have innate intelligence and understand that people do use numbers when they are trying to figure out the price of something.

So it makes sense to make use of numbers for the advantage of clients. For example, if a client wants to sell cosmetic surgery services for £10000, we may opt to use keywords “plastic surgery” and “£10000”.

Try long tail keywords. These contain three or more words in a phrase. They are usually searched for by people who are looking for something specific. To provide an example, customers looking to sell legal and lawyer services, we may choose to use keywords such as “hire a divorce lawyer in London” or “best employment lawyer for small businesses” which help to get the best online advertising and promotion results.

Use keywords within links. We ensure that we make use of keywords in links – this is a key component when it comes to effective content marketing strategies  and works well for the ranking of websites and has been proven to be one of the most effective ways of getting the very best digital marketing agency.

Be sure to use links within content. As touched on above, as we are looking to get the best results when it comes to effective search engine marketing, we do be careful to use business branding as well as product and services phrases within content, this has the resulting effect of leading to higher search engine rankings.

Here we have touched on some of the thought processes that go behind the effective online marketing business development strategies that we develop and execute for clients. Of course there is much more involved [images, videos, chatbots, mobile marketing etc etc] as well look to build brand in the online world for clients that comes from different marketing sectors. If you’d like to know more, then please do get in touch and we’d be happy to engage with you.

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