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The first step to any successful social media marketing agency campaign for a new product or service is to create interest in (or bait) new potential customers. By casting a line into the customer pool with bait such as advertisements or word of mouth, you create potential customers that are interested in learning more about your product or service. This is incredibly important, since without interest your product or service will ultimately fail.

One of the most common questions we are asked is that of …

“what is it that you do on a monthly basis for your clients in terms of Social Media & Search Engine Marketing activities ??” …

… we have set out to provide a comprehensive guideline within our Social Media and Search Engine Marketing Primer which is available as a free download for anyone who is interested.

Let’s first consider ‘Search Engine Marketing which normally forms a key service offering of any Digital Marketing Agency. This is driver by the internet as indicated by the keywords that potential [or existing] clients or those interested in related products and services type into the search engines.

This of course is changing on a less than second by second basis. The objective here is to put our clients in a position so that when one is looking for whatever they have to offer, they come across content that directly or indirectly leads back to the company, its main website or other primary internet presence. This is a key point as the company website many well not be the first place that one encounters your company, its brand or products and services.

Therefore a key part of the daily activities is creating and publishing content related to the keywords we spoke of above and positioning this content accordingly so that consumers will follow through to take whatever action we devise [exchanging an email address of other contact information is a tried and tested way to bring clients into the marketing funnel].

Next we can turn our attention to Social Media Marketing which is driven by comments, likes, interests, groups and conversations –

… the content of which gives us an indication of what it is that the user has an interest in and allows us to join any existing conversation, start new topics and groups all with the objective of building communities around products and services, build the equity of the brand, drive internet traffic, build a database and ultimately drive sales and revenues.

People spend a great deal of time within the social media networks giving their thoughts and feelings which related to their experiences with companies along with the products and services that they may purchase. All of the social media ‘chatter has evolved into a sub digital marketing channel that has been proven to pay back in dividends and enables companies to reach out to clients in ways that they were not able to do just a few short years ago.

Whether or not you are planning to make use of Social Media and Search Engine Marketing services that Capid Houser has to offer, you may wish to become familiar with the processes and fundamentals behind the work that we carry out on behalf of clients. So feel free to access our Digital Marketing Methodology Primer and use the information contained therein to benefit your own digital marketing efforts.

Should you have any questions – do hit the contact link above and reach out to us.

In your Digital Marketing service.

Stephen C Campbell [& the Capid Houser Digital Marketing team]

Capid Houser

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