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Capid Houser is a functioning digital marketing agency that has worked on internet marketing for business projects for companies such as Swatch Group China, OMV Petrom & Iveco Trucks. In recent years the bulk of the work is conducted for SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs who are looking to scale their organisations and to broaden the scope of their presence on the internet in general, we make use of innovative industry leading online promotional methodologies such as ai chatbot messenger marketing that are custom designed for each customer project based on the market sector that it operates within.

Digital Marketing Consulting

Our business development and digital marketing consulting services are led by Stephen C Campbell, Stephen has over 25 year’s experience in account management, marketing and business development and has conducted business throughout Europe, the Far East and the USA [in over 20 countries] and has helped numerous businesses through training and consulting programmes and direct digital marketing services execution.

Small Business Marketing Consultant

At the outset of every client project we

go through the digital marketing

consulting phase where we take a

top level fundamental business

development stance examining various

aspects of the organisation such

as ideal client profiling, unique value

proposition, channel marketing and

branding of the company itself as

well as products, goods and services.

This is the essence of small business marketing consulting so that we ensure that each internet marketing for business project culminates in the expansion of the small business on specific digital marketing channels.

Online Marketing Consulting

Our consultative approach has the resultant effect of translating our client’s reason of existence into service offerings such as video marketing. These are often incorporated into a digital marketing funnel strategy and we tend to always execute a contant based marketing approach in line with chatbot messenger ai marketing as this has been tried and tested as it works to establish a firm footing of company on the internet in terms of search engine and social media presence. The digital marketing funnels that we develop feeds into email marketing for business tactics that continue to keep contact with the client in order to boost product branding top of mind awareness leading to more paying customers and revenue generation.

A core component of our digital marketing consulting service offerings builds on top of our website design and development
for small businesses offerings as we build everything on top of our online marketing consulting approach. The execution plans is translated into video marketing and mobile marketing and apps that is in turn built on top of search engine marketing strategies that dovetails into interacting with clients and sharing, liking and commenting on industry specific topics in the form of social media marketing for businesses plans.

content marketing consultant for small business

As touched on above, our experiences with content marketing shows that this is by far the best way to get traffic to a company’s website [and associated blog], this leaves a long lasting and permanent presence for the company which will continue to drive traffic – this is as opposed to when executing paid marketing campaigns where the traffic stops immediately after the campaign ends. We make use of content based marketing for business to build backlinks from unique articles relating to the industry and to its product along with the conversation that take place amongst customers resulting in bringing keyword based searchers [potential customers] to the business website, this has the resultant effect of increasing search engine rankings as it drives targeted traffic to company’s main presence on the internet.

Our content marketing execution plans

consist of creating valuable content

that audiences want to read. The

content that we create is made to

prove useful to target customer

audiences and it is based upon

our extensive competitor based

website analysis and auditing

process that informs us as to that ….

…..  which we should be creating and publishing, this is translated into images, videos, blog posts, email, articles and website based publications.

To provide an example, if a company is selling products on an ecommerce site – we can run a mini campaign that is based on content that is in fact a review about the product, these can be placed on various portals, forums and web 2.0 sites that ultimately is directed back to the company’s website. This has the natural effect of helping potential customers to learn more of the product that they need and allow them to understand what other people are saying about it. This is just one example of how content marketing works as we build the network of publications by submitting to some of the more popular article directories found around the internet.

Blogging works hand in hand with the above as depending on the nature of the project we could create a number of websites around the internet each of which could focus on a particular topic relating to the organisation. We could use a blog to write about anything relating to the business brand, new product introductions and other related matters.

internet marketing for business

We can also use this form of online advertising and promotion through engaging with clients through video marketing for business promotion. This is in fact effective as it allows the company to share information within a short period of time. When we create videos we are able to inform viewers all about products or services of our clients.

We believe a digital marketing consultative approach is fundamental to building a firm foundation for companies within the online world. Our objective is to leave our clients with an enlarged presence and footprint that serves to connect with other companies operating within the same marketspace, this can be especially useful for joint venture campaigns [endorsed email campaigns work well in this manner] as well as of course being used for lead generation purposes.

For short terms project we really do recommend that campaigns are run over a minimum of 6 months in order to provide adequate time for the business’ foundation to be established on the internet at large. Should you find our approach intriguing, do get in touch so we can being working with building your organisation’s presence on the internet.

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