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dedicated mobile websites for business

dedicated mobile websites and apps for business

As more and more people use their mobile phones to access the internet and in particular to search for goods, products and services, it is important for business owners, entrepreneurs, work from home individuals and marketing professionals alike to understand how they can take advantage of this emerging channel to market.

A dedicated designed and developed mobile website is an excellent way to reach potential customers while they are on the move [as is implementing business development strategies using chatbots] and on top of this gain a competitive advantage over other companies operating in the same business niche. Here we here at Capid Houser address that which we believe are some methods you can made use of via a dedicated mobile website that services to gain more visibility for any business in question.

Target Mobile Device Users

It is typical that mobile users have different needs when compared to traditional desktop users. It has been demonstrated that they in general want
information quickly …

and they do not want to spend hours reading long articles and lots of information.

With that said any online portal developed by a website designe and development company should be written in a way that is easy to read and understand based on the smaller device that is being used at the given time. It should be ensured that all of the content is relevant to mobile users and is made easy in terms of navigation in order to make it easy for users to find what they are looking for.

Incorporate Video Marketing Strategies

Implementing video marketing strategies which represents goods, products and services of a company is a great way to connect with on the move targets. Most smart phones are equipped with high quality cameras so this presents that which is a great opportunity for business development to be implemented by displaying products or services in action. In order to accomplish this it will be necessary to include some form of video player into the website, this is so that users can view the videos straight from their devices without having to download anything.

Provide a specific Mobile Version of the company Site

Many existing and potential clients prefer to browse through websites using their smart devices rather than using a desktop computer. It is here that our mobile app and website design services come into play as we advise clients that …..

… they should consider creating a specific tablet version of their main business site so that their visitors can easily find what they are looking for from any device that they may be using at any given time.

Implementing this form of online strategy will indeed assist in increasing organisational visibility and provide them with that which is a better chance at reaching their target audience.

Create a mobile business App

If your website isn’t tablet and smart device friendly or if you aren’t able to create these version of your company site, you may want to consider working with us so that we can create an app to represent your organistion. Apps are very popular on phones and work hand in hand with digital business cards and many people love the convenience that they provide. Apps are often easier to use than mobile sites because they offer a more streamlined experience.

Many people will download apps just to use them …

… so if you want to reach as many users as possible …

… you may want to consider developing an app …

… depending on the type of business you are operating.

Above we have represented but a few of the ways that business owners can get their noticed by on the go phone users, these go hand in hand with marketing with social media  as well as getting noticed through implementing search engine marketing planning and execution.  The best way to do this is to ensure that any business website is optimized for phone users and that it offers them an enhanced user experience.

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