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We always get questions from prospective clients and in various business discussions relating to ‘How Do I get My Website To Rank” in the search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo & Bing ?

The majority of people who are not skilled in Digital Marketing Agency Strategy Development and Search engine marketing [or Optimization as may people tend to call it] spend most of their time focusing on their Business Website, i.e. they may be told that they need to modify keywords in the content on their website and ‘play around with meta tags and related items on the website itself.

We try to stress the point that when a website is launched as a standalone entity, it is virtually invisible within the online world in general …..

….. and without any reference being made to the website from elsewhere on the internet [think articles, blog posts, web 2.0 portal references, press releases, micro blogging, videos and images and more]; the chances of the face of the business within the online world [that would have hopefully been created by a website design and development agency] showing up in the search engines for given product, goods and services related keywords are [suffice it to say] slim.

Bearing in mind that the main point of having a website in the first place is for the content on the website to be found by customers that relates to core services, products and goods that are the reason why the organisation exists in the first place.

It needs to be stressted that the content on the internet in general plays a major part within the overall process that affects & leads to the ratings of a given website when we make a comparison to the content on the website itself.

The content needs to be created on an ongoing and consistent basis and therefore we have outlined the Content Creation Process for Digital Marketing in the infographic included here.

Digital Marketing Agency Content Strategy

So the question can be posed as to how does the process of continually creating content can be devised and implemented in order to broaden the reach of a company within the online world ? One can point to the top level business development plan to being with creating effective content marketing strategies.

The company strategic plans will provide directions that relates to the length of the sales cycle, this in turn will determine the nature of written, video and image content that will be created and published in order to speak directly to specific target market customer segments.

There will need to be a purpose to the content that will be found within the content network, within video marketing descriptions and on platforms such as pinterest and instagram that leads proscpects through digital marketing funnels. This could be part of an email marketing campaign that is designed to take clients through a journey culminating in them becoming paid customers.

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