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Using Visual Google Reviews Testimonials in Modern Marketing

In today’s digital age, where consumers are inundated with information and choices, standing out from the competition is more challenging than ever. Content that grabs attention and builds trust quickly is  invaluable. This is where companies making full use of Capid Houser’s enterprise level visual testimonial platforms come into play. Our platforms functions to take company’s text-based Google Business Reviews, then it transform them into engaging visual content, and then shares them across the major social media networks such as Facebook & Twitter.

So with that said, here follows a deep dive into that which are some of the significant benefits that making use of this particular Google Reviews to Social Media Networks publication service and strategy has to offer.

Amplifying The Very Best Customer Company Reviews

Having customer’s glowing reviews on any Google Business profile is a fantastic thing …

… but it is important to note that its visibility is relatively limited to those customers and new business leads who visit the specific business’ profile. What we here at Capid Houser provide as a service to clients it to convert their client review into visually engaging graphics and then we syndicate them directly to customers’ social media accounts, the ongoing effect of this serves to amplify the organisation’s reach exponentially within the social media networks.

This particular aspect of digital combined with social media marketing in the form of Visual testimonial help businesses to present their very best customer feedback to a broader audience within the social media networks whose reach is far and wide, this serves to turn satisfied customers into advocates who in effect market the organisation’s brand on its behalf.

Boost Client Interaction through Visually Appealing Graphics

Most people will agree that visually appealing content is inherently more readily engaging and it tends to perform better on social media platforms. Studies have shown that posts with images or graphics receive significantly higher engagement rates than text-only posts that we see appearing on Google business profile listings. By transforming Google Business textual reviews into visually attractive graphics, we make use of our enterprise level visual testimonial platform to enable your organisation to capture the attention of social media users in a more effective manner. Enhanced customer and new business lead engagement can lead to more shares, increased brand visibility, and even viral content that reaches new  potential customers which in turn will turn into revenue generation.

Building Authenticity & Trust With Clients

User-generated content (UGC) such as testimonials and reviews is in fact one of the most trusted forms of content that people like to consume.

When real customer experiences are showcased through appealing visuals, they offer a level of authenticity that branded content often struggles to achieve.

Visual testimonials not only provide social proof but also humanizes any company’s brand.

Consumers like to interact with real stories that come from real people, reason being that this in turn helps to build trust and credibility. The more authentic and trustworthy that any brand comes across, the more likely consumers are  to choose that company’s particular goods, products or services.

The Streamlining Of Marketing Operations

Going through the process of manually converting reviews into social media graphics and posting them can be a cumbersome and time consuming task. The service that Capid Houser’s digital marketing agency provides take all of the hassle away for companies as they effectively automate the process, therefore the company to focus on their core competencies and therefore freeing up their resources so that the employees are then able to focus on other strategic marketing activities. Building these efficiencies into the organisation by signing up with Capid Houser to automatically take google business reviews and transform into social media graphics and then post them to the organisation’s networks via their secure dashboard, not only saves time but has the added benefit of ensuring that the brand in question stays active and consistent where social media content publication is concerned.

Enhancing Brand Consistencies

Customers like to see and experience brand consistency and has in fact become crucial when it comes to building a reliable and recognizable brand image. 

When publishing client google reviews to their social media platforms, a selection of standardized templates are used as a basis for each graphics based testimonials that is generated & published, this mode of operation can be made to ensure that each post aligns with the client’s company branding  guidelines if necessary but in most cases all that is required is to make the google reviews more widely available.

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