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Search Engine Marketing For Business Development

All businesses must have a website these days [where they would have hopefully worked with a website design and development company for businesses to ensure their brnad is adequaltely represented within the vast online world. However it should be stated that if that website [which is the face of the company on the internet] has not had significant and ongoing Search Engine Optimization carried out on it then the clients that you want to interface with more than likely never ever visit that website.

All large and small companies must have Search Engine Marketing analysis and editing performed on their sites and this forms of being found on the internet in general; in relation to the overall internet activities of people searching for goods products and services; which entails in the most part the use of strategic content based marketing for business promotion on a consistent basis so that the business website will interface with the target market segment that the company has chosen to do business with.

There are many different components that can be used to construct the building which leads to any company being found within the online world, one of which is that of video marketing strategies that works hand in hand for the purpose of leading to individuals finding specific company website pages.

What Exactly Is Search Engine Marketing [SEM or SEO] ?

… it is the procedure of boosting the ranking of your websites overall on the internet – after going through the process through an extended period of time your business website will be found all over the internet in various portals, article directories, blogs, video sites, podcasting sites and forums. In addition to this your business website will experience improved ranking in the major search engines of the world which is Google, Yahoo and Bing.

  • Expand The Scope Of The Brand

  • Promote New Consumer Acquisition

  • Establish Thought Leadership

  • Enhance Search Engine Marketing

Ranking Business Website Pages For Specific Keywords

The ranking of a website is referred to as ‘organic – this is as opposed to the results in the Search Engines that come up based upon paid search or Pay Per Click internet marketing.

The whole object of Search Engine Marketing activities is to get the desired result of interested parties [in the company, its products, services and / or brand] typing in specific related keywords into the search engines and for the website of the company or other internet portals that are owned or setup for the company to be one of the highest ranked results for the products and services delivered into the marketplace.

In order to boost organic search engine rankings it is absolutely 100% necessary to conduct ongoing Search Engine Marketing related to your business.

  • Intensify Customer Engagement

  • Ignite Consumer Loyalty

  • Build Brand Associations

  • Create Location Specific Buzz

Why Do We Focus On Google ?

The Search Engine Optimization approaches that we at Capid Houser follow adhere to Google’s recommendations and specifications. It is a fact that in today’s internet enabled world more and more peop0le are turning to the social media and the search engines in particular to look for products and services.

White Hat Search Engine Marketing

At Capid Houser we understand that we acting as an extension of your company, its brand, products and services therefore we make use of what is called “white hat” SEO methods. There are various methods that can be used to execute that can be termed “black hat” or untrustworthy optimization which use tactics such as spamming, key phrase stuffing, and cloaking.

Capid Houser want to make it clear to our clients that the processes and methodologies that we adhere to conform to the most recent algorithm updates by Google, such as Penguin and Panda and our staff are constantly reading, studying & learning the latest Digital Marketing methodologies in order to conform to the established rules of marketing on the internet.

Capid Houser Search Engine Optimization Solutions

The Search Engine Marketing process in general means that we have to apply specific rules that relate to two specific aspects the layout, architecture, html coding of your company website [and other internet portals] the content related to your business website that we create and publish. over the past few years.

… it is important to note that everything starts with specific keyword research that relate to your industry’s products and services. The number of keywords that we research into depends on the level of Search Engine Marketing [SEO] service that we carry out for your business. It is from the results of the keyword research that we base our ongoing content creation [blogs posts, articles, tweets, videos, commenting etc, etc] and subsequent publication on.

  • Social Media Marketing

    We always integrate SEM activities with that which is taking place in relation to Social Media Marketing activities. Users are interacting with Search & Social on a daily basis and therefore it is important to have cross linking and content syndication that is consistent in terms of the company’s branding across both digital marketing channels.

  • Video Marketing

    Youtube is a search engine within itself and videos within this portal also show up within search engine results and therefore video marketing forms a key component of the overall search engine marketing component of the digital marketing mix.

  • Graphics & Image Marketing

    Image marketing using internet portals such as Flickr & Pinterest play an important part in the overall indexing, linking and ranking of content that is published on the internet. Images are ranked in the search engines and when correctly executed they are tagged and linked and contribute to the branding of products and services. They are also used to generate customer engagement and help to keep users on a website for longer.

  • Blogging Platform

    WordPress is a content management platform that we often use to setup company products & services related blogs in order to provide industry specific content that is both unique and syndicated and contributes to ranking the company website.

It is important to grasp the wonderful opportunity that this form of marketing gives any company no matter where they may be located in the world. Through the use of keywords we can determine the intent of customers.

The internet and that of search engine marketing is driven by content and the quality content that is developed by our copywriters, illustrators, graphics designers and video editors and subsequently published on the internet will serve to raise the profile of your company, its products and services and ultimately drive revenue generation through the acquisition of new customers.

Our service offering allows you to focus on your business operations while we take care of the analysis, link building, video creation, audio recording, content creation and publishing and digital marketing of your company.

Marketing your business on the internet is a task intensive and time consuming set of activities that are to be executed on a daily basis. Taking this on within your business could mean that your business ends up only working on this task and is deflected from working on the core competency of the business. We at Capid Houser are here to act as your Search Engine Marketing Strategy department so get in touch now so that we can get started to enhance your online presence using the social media networks.

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