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With the widepsread use of the internet that has been seen to seemingly come into contact with [almost] all areas of our lives; it is interesting to see how there has been a shift in marketing strategy development in general that is towards the increasing amount of important that is being placed upon that of marketing and advertising to that of connecting with existing clients and generating leads using the digital realm …

in other words using digital marketing strategy development as a key component in the top level business strategy of the business or organisation in question, now even within the digital marketing aspect of business development there have been changes when it comes to …

It is important to note that the reference to the terms above are that which we describe as Digital Marketing Sub Channels.

  • Reputation Management Marketing

  • Search Engine Marketing

  • Video Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Email Marketing

With that said; it is indeed interesting to see how there has been a shift in marketing and advertising to that of connecting with clients using [some of] the Digital Marketing Sub Channels. In viewing them as seperate entities [Marketing Channels] as we do here at Capid Houser allows us to more effectively effect the promotion of products and services to end user clients that have been identified and classified by the business in question or following our preliminary research as a key component of the Digital Marketing Makeover process.

We at Capid Houser offer services within the above digital marketing channels and in recent months we have been putting more efforts into getting clients moving with the social media marketing agency as there are so many ‘dead facebook business pages out there that in fact are not serving any real purpose in terms of getting more clients through the door for their respective companies and; generating additional revenues.

When we speak of Digital marketing in terms of Business Strategy Development it is of course but one aspect of what we call Channel Marketing or put another way; one path that a company uses to actually get into contact with the end user customer, as mentioned above we refer to this as a Digital Marketing Sub Channel and the most appropriate sub channel to use will only be determined after we have gone through the marketing segmentation exercise in order to get really clear when it comes to the “Who” we are marketing our products and services to.

There are various parameters that we can use in order to execute the market segmentation of our customers and when it comes to the Digital Marketing Sub Channels that we are able to make use of to connect with clients there are of course many but for arguments sake here are but a few …

ChatBot Marketing Strategy Development

Pay Per Click

Cost Per Action

Search Engine Marketing

Reputation Management

Video Marketing


Social Media Marketing


… and of course; the list could go on and on. But the focus is on that of Social Media Marketing and when we segment this aspect of Digital Channel Marketing we come to the place on the internet that billions of people on the planet are spending their time and that is Facebook.

It stands to reason that if their are so many people congregated in one place, all giving their opinions and buying preferences then this is actually a goldmine for businesses to connect with their prospective clients. No matter where you are in the evolution of your business, you are advised to take a look at the place that Facebook Marketing has to play in your business.

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