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Digital Marketing Strategy Development

There is an inherent need for companies to continually make full use of the internet as a core channel in order to put their branding message in front of target market customers as well as deliver those core products and services into the hands of those who wish to purchase from the organisation in question. The term “digital marketing” refers to promoting and advertising any business on the internet making full use of the suite of various digital tools and technologies.

Whichever tools and technologies are made use of it should be made sure that these are in fact incorporated into the top level business development plans of the organisation and used for both online as well as offline customer facing planning that may have been developed, e.g. where the specific products are physical and the company has to deal with clients face to face.

Digital Marketing Strategy Development

In order to develop an effective digital marketing strategy for business there is a need to first determine what the actual business development goals are – as we touched on above. From this point on the internet marketing for business strategy will then be able to determine which outbound communication tools will be used. To provide and example, if the goal of the company is to increase traffic to its website [in most cases companies do need to get more people coming to their website], to effect this companies ought to consider utilising search engine marketing (SEM) in combination with social media marketing that both work hand in hand with various other digital marketing strategies.

Content Based Marketing

Content based marketing (CBM) is a form of digital marketing

where the focus is on widespread content creation that is

researched, written and published

on portals found around the internet.

The idea behind content based marketing strategies is that by creating quality content, this in turn along with using relevant to the branding of the company along with its core goods products and services gets indexed by the search engine spiders and robots helping with the ranking of specific pages of the company website hence “driving traffic to the company website”.

This type of digital marketing strategy involves writing articles, blog posts, press releases as well as producing explainer or promotional videos. In order to increase the effectiveness of any content based marketing execution plan, there is a need to make use of keywords and other keyword phrases that work to attract readers. In line with social media marketing strategies which we will touch on below, within the output of this specific form of business output should be fully utilised promote the
aforementioned content.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of

digital advertising in which organisations target

search engines such as

Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Part of the ins and outs of this aspect of internet marketing for businesses includes submitting the main site to the various directories of search engines directories

The above goes hand in hand with the aforementioned creation and publication of content that gets indexed by the spiders and robots, points back to the main business website [via the anchor text of the given keyword phrases] and contributes to the website being ranked and presented high up for given keyword searches by customers and new business leads.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is what we consider to be the other main arm the execution of strategic digital marketing. Within this form of promotion and advertising the execution of the strategy can make use of the major sites and portals such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn as well as Pinterest and others in order to generate awareness concerning the business.

How to Get Started

If you as a business owner wish to get started with broadening the scope of your organisation on the internet in general, of course if you do not have one then we will commence by creating a business website that is custom for your particular business circumstance.  As touched on above we will start blogging, writing and publishing articles that is all part of the overall design to promote the business in question. This main face of the business in the form of the website will be used to attract visitors who will read the content and be taken through specific digital marketing sales funnels designed for lead generation. External blogs will be used to promote the business in conjunction with the social networking sites that are part of the matrix designed to advertise and promote the business.

In addition to that which has been discussed above these specific marketing strategies will be incorporated with business email marketing, chatbot marketing strategy development, the use of videos for business promotion which all ties in with viral marketing. We here at Capid Houser are well placed to assist organisations who wish to expand their presence on the internet so do get in touch whenever you wish to discuss further.

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