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Capid Houser’s Digital Marketing Customer Loyalty, Deals and Awards System is based around the fact that in terms of building out a long term business development strategy in terms of promoting and fostering customer loyalty and getting to the point that customers go on to recommend the company that they have conducted business to their friends, colleagues and family.

In terms of looking at things from a digital marketing strategic perspective and examining the results of such customer loyalty and rewards programmes have had and are having; we do know that such systems work for lead generation, building up the level of repeat business which leads to increased revenue related to the sales of products and services.

So when we stop and take a look at the business operations of some of the most iconic corporations, SMEs and other businesses throughout the world and the success that they experience with customer loyalty systems the question that is often asked is …

… How Can The Smaller Non Corporate Businesses Have Such A Fully Functioning Customer Loyalty, Deals, Coupons, And Reward System In Place ? …

During marketing strategy and business development meetings; management often consider how their businesses could develop by making use of such customer retention and loyalty rewards systems; but often at the point of discussion – when looking at the costs and complexities involved in constantly having to print coupons and cards; distribution of the promotional material not to mention the waste coupon, scratch cards and deals leaflets that no long have any use to the business due to expiration dates.

As a functioning Full Service Digital Marketing Agency – we here at Capid Houser offer various internet marketing tools and services that businesses can make use of in order to both expand their digital marketing footprint in terms of social media and search engine marketing. In addition to this and in line with this discussion …

… this is where our Digital Marketing Smart Phone based system has been made available for businesses …

… from different market sectors are able to take advantage of in order to execute corporate level customer loyalty rewards programmes that server to assist with customer retention, lead generation and revenue generation based on the increased level of business that comes as a result of any fully functioning Online Shopping Deals and Coupons system that is in place.

The system functions in line with the website designed for small businesses by providing customers with their own cloud based dashboard so that they can log in at their own convenience and create their own deals [using their own company images and graphics], coupons and even quite sophisticated customer client rewards programmes that can be used to allow customers to more fully engage with the restaurant, coffee shops, beauty salon, dry cleaners or other businesses looking to take their digital marketing to a higher level.

Clients are able to share their special offers, deals and coupons on social media straight from the comfort of their mobile phones therefore assisting the business with its ongoing branding and promotion.

We consider this service offering to be …

The Complete Smartphone Based Client Rewards, Coupons And Loyalty System …

… the system has been so designed to increase customer retention and drive product and service sales leading to growing revenue generation. So if you as a business owner or marketing professional are looking to get a fully functioning client interaction system set up for your company – let us know and we’ll get your system setup with haste.

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