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Customer Reviews For Businesses And Social Media Marketing Integration

Collect reviews via Google Customer Reviews

The landscape of how any business is promoted has changed over the last few years and it is indeed continuing to change; adding in uk digital marketing agency type services into the top level business development strategy of any organisation is a must and the extent of any actions [in terms of social media and search engine marketing] for lead generation, promotion of the business brand along with core products and services; will depend on the nature of the business.

Collect Customer Feedback

Business customer reviews and getting customer testimonials have now become a part of search engine marketing and certain classifications of business will live or die based upon the quality and quantity of google business reviews that prospective clients will read before deciding to part with the monies in exchange for any given product or service offering.

Get more google reviews

We provide your company with a dedicated portal which we can install on your business wesbite through which you can get more google reviews, from here this will start the process enabling your business clients to provide valuable feedback on how they feel they are being treated. This can be used as market research [working hand in hand with strategic social media services for companies interaction and engagement] for continued business improvement and the development on new products and services, or for followup email marketing as all customers who leave feedback will not be factored into your customer database.

Customised & Dedicated Client Feedback Portal URL

Following the setup of your account, your business will receive a dedicated cloud based URL to be used to start the process of building Google Reviews starting by entering their SMS phone number.

Dedicated SMS Phone Number

It is during the configuration phase that we will configure a dedicated SMS phone number that will be used to deliver the feedback form to the customer’s mobile phone.

Birthday Marketing

Another option of our powerful system will provide the business to send birthday greetings or maybe special discount offers as appropriate and dictated by the top level marketing strategies.

Monthly Reporting

Full reporting can be setup to be issued monthly [as we recommend] or even weekly in order to gain a snapshot of the feedback that has been provided to the company.

Facebook Integration

Full reporting can be setup to be issued monthly [as we recommend] or even weekly in order to gain a snapshot of the feedback that has been provided to the company.

Feedback On Specific Staff Members

Another configuration option is to learn how different members of staff are performing; this can be used to improve overall business performance and provide opportunities for team individuals.

Custom Email Marketing

Email marketing is a key component in digital marketing strategy development and the system enables selected emails to go out based on their feedback, as an example asking client for referrals to experience the high level of service experienced that they did.

Full System Training

No need to worry as we will provide full system training and hand holding, having said that after initial configuration – directing clients to your dedicated business portal should be sufficient to put the system to work in your business right away.

Genuine Google Feedback Provides Powerful Insights

We have created BestBusinessReviews which definitely should not be viewed as a typical review platform that you may have come across. The system that we have developed collects honest business reviews and feedback which comes direct from your client in order to make sure that the business reviews that end up on your Google Business Page genuine and are authentic. This in turn will allow future customers to perform their own market research in complete confidence that will be driven by actual experiences of the business that come from real people who have contracted business with your organisation.

Understanding Customers

Most would agree that the better we understand our customer the better position we as business owners and decision makers will be in in order to further work to make them feel more satisfied and; to refine the product and service offerings for future customers. By carefully paying attention to all customer feedback especially comments made by clients that may not be too favourable.

Customer Reviews For Marketing

Businesses are able to make use of the reviews received by customers as a key component in the development of their top level business strategies; by taking the long term viewpoint to making receiving google reviews a part of day to day operations will be seen to pay back to the business in terms of increased revenues and more satisfied customers.

  • Marketing With Videos

    We will produce one master video of around 60 seconds in length, The video will represent your product or service and use a custom written script and make use of a professional voiceover artist. This will be added to your Youtube account along with all of the appropriate graphics and header images.

  • Graphics & Image Marketing

    Full setup and optimisation of your Pinterest account. We will configure Three [3] boards and add a minimum of Five [5] pins within each board complete with website links, hashtags and appropriate references. Each pin will be custom designed for your business and contain website URLs and branding.

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