Businesses know that they must have website, it is a question of Channel Marketing, i.e. the use of the internet as a Marketing Channel to connect with clients, promote products and to deliver value.

Although the task of running a strategic SEO campaign is a complex one, clients happily trust us at Capid Houser to use our skills to build their brand and to be their Search Engine Marketing department if you wish. At times we get asked however about the SEO process so here you have it in graphical format.

The process is conveniently split into 7 steps for the purpose of breaking down what actually is a complicated process, the steps are as follows 1) Keyword Research. 2) Domain Name. 3) Platform For Developing The Website. 4) Permalinks. 5) SEO Plugins. 6) Content Creation. 7) Social Media. We will deal with each of these in a little more detail in turn …

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Keyword Research : Is a part of Search Engine Marketing that is often overlooked and the power of understanding keywords is undervalued in terms of the dramatic effect that its understanding can have on a business. We like to stress that marketing on the internet is still marketing !! and the esence of marketing is getting into the mind of the target market segments that a business is looking to sell its products and services to. Keyword Research should be viewed as quality market intelligence and this is one reason why we begin our Digital Online business branding and awareness programs that consists of …

  • Website Competitive Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Marketing

… with the first step which is a detailed research and number crunching process that is necessary for us to understand not just our business client but also the presence of the competition on the internet so that we can begin to create compelling and relevant content that is so critical for rankings.


Domain : In most cases the business client will already have a website and domain setup so this stage will consist of looking at the structure of the website and making necessary technical modifications that may be needed to facilitate the effective ranking of the website.

Website Development Platform : This of course depends on the technical bias of the website developer and in many cases the company will not care about these technical aspects of their Digital Marketing Strategy development. When we consult with clients we advise them that we will be developing our their main business website using wordpress.

Permalinks / SEO Plugins : For those interested in the more technical aspects of us here at Capid Houser using the wordpress platform for developing websites for businesses, we make sure that the website is setup for interacting with the search engine robots and spiders by adding in relevant plugins and making necessary technical changes within the website. This will be taken care of for our clients.

Content Creation : This is central to website ranking and another piece of the SEO pie that many people fail to get to grips with, we create content in various formats that is deposited on various platforms that interlink with each other all for the purpose of ensuring your business website is ranked in the search engines.

Social Media Marketing : Fits into the above and covers video marketing, twitter, facebook, linkedin and other major social media sites where potential clients are congregating for the purpose of joining in the conversation in order to influence, build trust and ultimately build the brand which leads to customer loyalty, increased purchases and revenue generation.

Backlinks : The content that we create on a daily basis is deposited strategically around the internet with relevant Keyword Rich and Industry Relevant keywords are hyperlinked to point back to the company website as well as to other content that in turn leads back to the company website.

To summarise this discussion it should be noted that everything above is strategically put together on an ongoing basis with company and industry specific content that is created to provide quality details and information designed to provide value to target market segments. In turn this quality content interacts with the search engine robot in order to ensure that business websites are ranked in the major search engines.

There really is no argument from the professionals and from the non experts alike that if a business has a website then it must be promoting that website on an ongoing basis, that is to say there can never be a time when the business is not engaging in efforts to market its website to the world at large and specifically to its chosen end user target market segment. To promote a website so that it comes up in the search engine rankings there are two main options that a company can use – that is …

  • PPC – Pay Per Click Advertising
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Therefore the question that is posed by many customers is what is the main difference between the two. In summary Search Engine Optimization for business marketing is for the long term and PPC pay per click marketing short term – those two statements do of course need some explaining.


Let’s take the situation where a company has just had a new website designed and developed by us here at Capid Houser and then the website is launched on the internet. By definition the search engines do not know that the website exists, there is little or no content relating to and linking back to the website on the internet which in turn in most cases will mean that that business website will not rank in the major search engines. If the client is prepared to wait for the time (depending on the market sector and competition this could be months) for their website to rank then we could go ahead and execute our experts SEO processes and in time your business website will be seen to rank in the search engines for specific keywords used by the end user clients.

Now consider the scenario where a company has a new website and it needs to have site visitors immediately coming to the website for whatever reasons, in this case we will setup and run a Pay Per Click campaign using the Google Adwords system. The campaign will allow us to display advertisements for your business website instantly after setup and you the business owner will pay whenever an internet user clicks on your advertisement. At times it could be a good strategy to run PPC campaigns for a newly launched website whilst running search engine optimization campaigns in parallel, after the website starts to get ranked then the business will receive visitors from the internet and it may make sense [depending on the marketing strategy of the business] to pull back on the PCC marketing spend, in time many companies [like us here at Capid Houser] depend solely on search engine optimization to bring visitors to its website.

There can be another ‘what if’ where a company has a well ranked website in its target market sector with plenty of website visitors and new clients coming into its market funnel consistently however, as a part of the marketing strategy of the organisation they could be running a special event that will be for a few days only and very time specific. Due to the long term nature of search engine optimisation to take effect – in this case it may make to sense to run a limited PPC campaign in the weeks leading up to the event. All of the traffic from this marketing activity will be funneled into the specific event leads and when the event is over we can simply ‘turn off’ the PPC marketing.

Which is for your business – SEO or PPC ? we say that SEO is for the long run so if you plan to be in business this time next year and the year after then sign up for our advanced SEO business marketing strategy development to ensure that relevant content and links for your business based on industry specific keywords are produced which will result in enhanced search engine rankings in the major search engines of the world i.e. Google, Yahoo & Bing.

We here at Capid Houser would be delighted to act as an extension of your online marketing department to provide expert SEO or PPC services so do get in touch to learn how we can help to take your business forward on the internet.

Stephen C Campbell

We discuss the topic of Digital Channel Marketing focusing on the promotional aspect bearing in mind that Digital and Social Media Marketing fits into the Channel Marketing aspect of business development.

Going back to the fundamentals of marketing we get to the topic of channel marketing and to the fact that there are multiple marketing channels that companies can use for the purpose of connecting with clients and delivering the message of the business related to the products and services that are sold into the marketplace.


The use of a Digital Marketing Agency is something that many companies recognise as being the fastest way for them to win when it comes to making the most effective use of channels developed by a quality social media marketing agency to reach clients.

Now we understand that all companies can use a digital marketing agency to get their message out there and as long as the company has a solid core value proposition their partner digital social media marketing agency will be able to create effective campaigns in order to reach specific target market segments.