The creation of a Digital [Search Engine & Social Media] Marketing Calendar forms a core component of the execution of the branding, promotion and advertising of a company’s products and services using the principle of connecting with clients using specific channels that are determined and utilised on the internet. Developing this method of internet business promotion is fundamental to top level business strategy development as it allows the marketing professionals to become organised and to take a birds eye view when it comes to what content to research, create and publish that relates to the core product, goods and services that the company in question sells into the marketplace at large.

At this point in time it is important to note that the whole point of creating a digital marketing plan and actually publishing content is to [from the point of view of Business Development and Marketing Strategy effectiveness] communicate with new clients and therefore to act as lead generation bait which in turn connect into email marketing nurturing and followup sequences.

With that said; by speaking directly to the customer by using a digital marketing content calendar which will focus on relevant happens in society such as public holidays, festivals, religions acknowledgement days, pet days, mothers / fathers day, valentines day, political historical events etc etc and the list could go on and on.

By using these events that the target market customers will be aware of and linking this with marketing content, the organisation will go on to receive higher levels of engagement that it otherwise would have. So this is the principles of making use of a search engine and social media marketing content calendar for business development purposes.

It is for this reason that companies will choose to work with a full service digital marketing agency in order to [with the understanding of their corporate strategy] conduct all of the [very] necessary market research which will consist of digging deep into social media network sentiment and trending content along with analysis keywords that come from the phrases and queries that customers key into the search engines. Armed with the trends this data can then be repurposed into blogging and article contents as well as for creating videos that can be used to speak to customers based on the concerns and discussions that clients are seen to be taking part in.

When these discussions, concerns and sentiments are translated into lead generation and customer nurturing campaigns and consistently published throughout the weeks, months and years on specific dates along with event specific content [e.g. valentines, mothers day or other public holidays] that is expertly crafted to to guide customers to learn more about products, goods and services leading to these clients [and prospects] becoming business company branding advocates.

We all understand that the fundamentals of the internet is based on that of content and the issues that any search engine and social media marketing strategy agency as well as the company looking to execute its own internet promotion plans face is first, what content subject matter to produce on a consistent basis.

The question of How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar is taken care of as a key component or fundamental of Capid Houser’s digital marketing strategy development execution that is carried out on behalf of its clients which are seen to come from different market sectors.

The content that is published on behalf our clients is part of our social media marketing agency strategy and comes in various formats and let it be said that video marketing comes in as a key fundamental when it comes to what content that we publish which will be shored up with blogging content, articles, press releases, micro blogging and others which will all serve to expand the digital marketing footprint of our partner organisation. So with that said – if you are reading this as a business owners, marketing professional, entrepreneur or work from home professional looking to focus more on your business and customers then go get in touch with us here at Capid Houser to learn more how we can assist you with taking  your organisation to the next level.

In the first instance please set some time aside to view our complete search engine and social media marketing agency strategy development process – then go through the questionairre and book a consultation call [our digital marketing agency chatbot is handling the interaction with you] so that we can get to work together in order to expand your business so that through it you will be able to more fully serve your target market customers through your organisation. Any questions then please do just get in touch : Stephen C Campbell [director Capid Houser]

The question regarding how useful Digital Marketing is for various areas of Business Development continue to asked by business leaders and marketing professionals and in particular how much of an impact Digital Marketing can have on increasing and improving business when companies are selling to the end user market place via a classic …

Manufacturer/Company  ===> Dealer/Distributor/VARs  ===> End User

… model where the main company sells its products and services to the end users via Distribution Channel Partners. The Dealers, Distributors and Value Added Resellers are largely responsible for interfacing with the clients in terms of product demonstration, dispensing marketing collateral and


in essence they act as the face of the company. Depending on the agreement with the Channel Partner; the Manufacturer may have to deal with the fact that many other competing products are being sold by their Channel Partners and therefore the amount of time that can be given to the active promotion and marketing of their product (the only thing that the manufacturer really care about !) is limited.

The marketing through the Channel Partners (which is traditionally funded partially or in whole by the manufacturer) is what we call “Push Marketing” as the …

  • Brand Awareness
  • Instore Promotions
  • Marketing

… is pushed to the market place via the Channel Partner.

When it comes to the use of Digital Marketing the manufacturer now has the option to use a percentage of the marketing funding paid to the Channel Partners and divert this to a coherent Digital Marketing Strategy. So what should this look like ?

We advocate Pull Marketing where Digital Marketing Strategies (such as Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management, Video Marketing) are used to raise the awareness of the brand in the market place at large. This in turn will lead to the end user being more aware of the Products/Services that the manufacturer has to offer and of course it is the Channel Partners that will end up fulfilling the market need.

How could this work in reality ? let’s assume we are acting as consultants for you as a manufacturer we could develop a program where our Digital Marketing activities are targeted to each region that is serviced by chosen Channel Partners, the campaign could be developed to drive traffic to each Regional Channel Partner by educating the market place and building the brand by marketing and extolling the virtues of the Products and Services.

Creating Buzz in Local Markets, raising visibility through Search Engine Marketing, Joining the conversation in the Social Networks, educatyion clients through Video Marketing and building the equity of the brand through Strategic Reputation Management Marketing are some of the ways that Digital Marketing could be used to drive business revenues for any manufacturer that is selling its products and services to the end user market place via Channel Partners (Dealers, Distributors, Value Added Resellers).

Should you wish to know more on how we at Capid Houser can help raise the visibility of your business in the marketplace using Digital Internet Marketing Strategies for your Distribution Channel Marketing Business – we at Capid Houser would be glad to hear from you so please do get in touch.

The short answer to the question as to why so many businesses are using Digital Marketing is that ‘companies need to be where their clients are’. A more detailed explanation of online marketing for business comes down to the field of …

  • Channel Marketing and that of
  • Market Segmentation

Channel Marketing can be conveniently split into two aspects, that of promoting the products and services of a company and that of actually delivering the products and services of a company into the hands of the end user client. Digital Marketing has become so prevalent due to the widespread use of the internet triggered by increasing availability of technology along with the prices that seem to keep going down as the functionality of the technology actually increases.


Of course – not all companies are able to deliver their goods into the hands of their chosen market segment via the internet but all companies are able to promote using the tools that Digital Marketing have to offer to …

  • Generate Leads
  • Educate Clients and
  • Interact with Questions, Queries and Comments.

For the purpose of this discussion we at Capid Houser think it best not to focus purely on the technology tools but rather on how they fit into various silos in order to form various sub internet marketing channels which are used for specific marketing activities of a company. Let’s take …..

Search Engine Optimization

….. most companies know that they should have a website even though they may not have gotten round to having one developed. Now consider the fact that so many businesses do have a website for their company but when we perform an analysis on that website, it is hardly getting visitors and traffic and simply does not rank in any of the major search engines. When we key in the main industry keywords for the business we see all their competitors and at time the website does not appear in the 1st 10 pages [100 results] of results. The website is a critical part of the face of a business online but failing to implement the digital marketing component of making sure that the people who the business or website is intended will actually come across the website when they go to the internet to look for information in the target industry.

The key point to make is that there are many facets to digital marketing and depending on the business; a combination of them must be used in order to bring clients into the marketing funnel of the business. If the target market of a company congregates on social media sites then it will make sense to employ aggressive and ongoing social media campaign, the business to business purchaser may be on the internet looking for specifications and useability data and in this case educational videos, podcasts and membership sites may be used in order to interact with the target market.

In our opinion at Capid Houser there is no one size fits all approach to the development of a digital marketing strategy of an organization and this is why we employ a consultative approach, there may be 10 clients that for whom we all use the following …

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Analysis & Competitive Reporting

… however the degree to which each component is used will vary depending on the industry of the business and their chosen target market segments. We will consult with the business, understand its strategy and then from this develop a Digital Marketing plan in order to promote the business and raise its visibility to its chosen target market segment.

If you are looking to make more of the internet within your business, maybe looking to outsource the mountain of activities that need to be executed on a daily basis ? why not get in touch with Capid Houser to see how we can assist your business realise its dreams in the internet marketing world.

We discuss the topic of Digital Channel Marketing focusing on the promotional aspect bearing in mind that Digital and Social Media Marketing fits into the Channel Marketing aspect of business development.

Going back to the fundamentals of marketing we get to the topic of channel marketing and to the fact that there are multiple marketing channels that companies can use for the purpose of connecting with clients and delivering the message of the business related to the products and services that are sold into the marketplace.


The use of a Digital Marketing Agency is something that many companies recognise as being the fastest way for them to win when it comes to making the most effective use of channels developed by a quality social media marketing agency to reach clients.

Now we understand that all companies can use a digital marketing agency to get their message out there and as long as the company has a solid core value proposition their partner digital social media marketing agency will be able to create effective campaigns in order to reach specific target market segments.