Once you have fought the fight of gaining exposure from your social media advertising and marketing efforts the real work starts with capitalising and building on the success of your efforts made to date.

Many businesses work hard and invest a whole lot in developing their social media marketing profiles. However, lots of them often fall short to continue with the advertising and marketing process on a consistent basis and therefore all of their efforts are in truth wasted.

The business owner or marketing manager will find themselves having to start again attempting to gain the advantage over their rivals again. It is important to keep in mind that Social Media Websites are just that ‘Social’ !!

If you do not take the time to engage with your clients from a social media standpoint on an ongoing basis, you will certainly be losing out on a significant opportunity to profit from the advantages that social media advertising and marketing can bring to your business.

People are unable to rapidly and conveniently ‘unlike and ‘unfollow you if they do not feel like they’re getting any kind of value by being linked to you on their favored social media websites. If you rarely communicate with them and never ever supply any kind of real value, they won’t feel that it is important for them to remain in your network.

People like checking out intriguing and interesting material aimed at assisting them deal with problems or clarify specific concerns related to the business that you are in. This suggests that you need to be offering your social media subscribers and followers top quality material in addition to the occasional deals that will mean that they stay within your network.

Remember that social media users are constantly sharing intriguing content, information, and offers with their pals, family members and associates. So if the content you publish is worth sharing, you instantly have a built-in viral system that will work for you on total auto-pilot and lead to increased revenues. It is essential to keep in mind that publishing quality content and material is insufficient in itself to keep your audience subscribed to your social network pages.

You have to participate in conversations that centre around your company and the business sector and respond to all concerns your audience may ask – that is both positive and unfavorable !! Making sure that your customers know that you are a real individual behind the business who in fact cares about their consumers will serve to put you miles ahead of your competitors.

People like to do business with those that they know, like, and can rely on so be as open and conscientious as you are able to with your social networks fans. All of your efforts will certainly work to keeping and improving the social status of your business in the social media circles which is essential for propelling your past your competition in the race for gaining more customers in your regional or local target market.

For the face of any business on the internet and the development of its online marketing strategy it is for sure very important to design and develop a high quality website that looks good and that represents your company. The overall objective has to be to convert visitors from the internet to the website into sales. When it comes to the online strategy development of the business it is recommended that the business’ marketing efforts need to go on the promotion of the website on the internet.

There are many aspects to marketing a business on the internet which includes :-

  • search engine optimisation
  • pay per click [Google Adwords] marketing
  • Website design and development

… and one critical strategy of marketing on the internet that is often neglected by business owners of all sizes is that of the development of their reputation on the internet [online reputation management strategies]. The definition of Reputation Management is engaging in the process of building a favorable reputation online, when this is done on a consistent basis it is effectively weakening any sort of negativeness that might be on the internet thereby damaging the credibility of your business.

Every business wants to be seen as the best when it comes to a comparison with their competitors and therefore become the business of choice in a given market category, in today’s technology enabled world Online Reputation Management Marketing is mandatory. Companies of all sizes should be doing everything in their power in order to have an ongoing view of what is being said regarding the business which will eventually eliminate any negative comments or references as they focus on putting out positive views, comments and testimonials.

For the purpose of this argument let’s take a look at an example, let’s assume that your customers wherever they may be in the world find the website of your business and also come across the business website of your competitor’s site on the major search engine results (Google, Yahoo & Bing).

Your business has no customer reviews or testimonials whatsoever
Your main rivals has 55 testimonials most of which are glowing and positive

Who do you think customers will pick (or who would you pick if you were a potential customer ?)

Or, let’s take another example …

Your rival has 20 excellent evaluations and 1 unfavorable assessment
Yet you have 10 great reviews and 10 negative ones.

Who do you believe customers will select?

If any business wants new and existing clients to choose and do business with its organization, that business should on an ongoing basis take the initiative to obtain positive testimonials, comments and assessments from clients. The question is often asked, how do they go about the process of obtaining the positive testimonials ? One of the most convenient ways is to merely ask happy consumers to go online to leave testimonials for any given business. There are many creative ways that a business can go about gathering positivity about the business and when asked most clients will not have a problem leaving a positive reviews for your business which will show how satisfied they have been with experiencing the products, services & offerings of the business.

Another aspect of online reputation marketing management is for a business to carefully check out and engage with various social network audiences as these are congregating points where consumers broadcast their viewpoints concerning business experiences (good or bad). With ongoing Reputation Management Activities your business will be there to reply to and take care of any issues, the key point is that all are they to see your business responding to feedback and thereby showing clients that you business cares.

If you take some to take a look on the social networks you will be able to observe that a few of your competitors have negative online feedback & assessments and have upon further investigation you will see that those businesses do not bother to react to the bad feedback.

As you look to improve the overall talk, feedback and comments and general positiveness that is out there on the internet regarding your business – let us take care of your business reputation management marketing strategy development – so contact us to learn how we can help you build your business further using reputation management.

Stephen C Campbell