The short answer to the question as to why so many businesses are using Digital Marketing is that ‘companies need to be where their clients are’. A more detailed explanation of online marketing for business comes down to the field of …

  • Channel Marketing and that of
  • Market Segmentation

Channel Marketing can be conveniently split into two aspects, that of promoting the products and services of a company and that of actually delivering the products and services of a company into the hands of the end user client. Digital Marketing has become so prevalent due to the widespread use of the internet triggered by increasing availability of technology along with the prices that seem to keep going down as the functionality of the technology actually increases.


Of course – not all companies are able to deliver their goods into the hands of their chosen market segment via the internet but all companies are able to promote using the tools that Digital Marketing have to offer to …

  • Generate Leads
  • Educate Clients and
  • Interact with Questions, Queries and Comments.

For the purpose of this discussion we at Capid Houser think it best not to focus purely on the technology tools but rather on how they fit into various silos in order to form various sub internet marketing channels which are used for specific marketing activities of a company. Let’s take …..

Search Engine Optimization

….. most companies know that they should have a website even though they may not have gotten round to having one developed. Now consider the fact that so many businesses do have a website for their company but when we perform an analysis on that website, it is hardly getting visitors and traffic and simply does not rank in any of the major search engines. When we key in the main industry keywords for the business we see all their competitors and at time the website does not appear in the 1st 10 pages [100 results] of results. The website is a critical part of the face of a business online but failing to implement the digital marketing component of making sure that the people who the business or website is intended will actually come across the website when they go to the internet to look for information in the target industry.

The key point to make is that there are many facets to digital marketing and depending on the business; a combination of them must be used in order to bring clients into the marketing funnel of the business. If the target market of a company congregates on social media sites then it will make sense to employ aggressive and ongoing social media campaign, the business to business purchaser may be on the internet looking for specifications and useability data and in this case educational videos, podcasts and membership sites may be used in order to interact with the target market.

In our opinion at Capid Houser there is no one size fits all approach to the development of a digital marketing strategy of an organization and this is why we employ a consultative approach, there may be 10 clients that for whom we all use the following …

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Analysis & Competitive Reporting

… however the degree to which each component is used will vary depending on the industry of the business and their chosen target market segments. We will consult with the business, understand its strategy and then from this develop a Digital Marketing plan in order to promote the business and raise its visibility to its chosen target market segment.

If you are looking to make more of the internet within your business, maybe looking to outsource the mountain of activities that need to be executed on a daily basis ? why not get in touch with Capid Houser to see how we can assist your business realise its dreams in the internet marketing world.

Building a strong online presence for any business isn’t something that can be achieved overnight, it is also important to note that it isn’t something that can be achieved through having a website that represents your business alone. An effective online presence for businesses of all sizes requires an ongoing cycle of planning, implementation, monitoring and analysis. The point that we like to stress is that Once You Start online marketing – you cannot Stop!

Some of the foundations of businesses online identity are :-

  • Social media profiles
  • Directory listings
  • Your website
  • and other properties.

The internet presence of a company actually accumulates through active growth, which you achieve through the ongoing process of content creation …

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Press Releases
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Social Media and more …

… and online marketing campaigns.

Creating and maintaining an online presence requires commitment and will result in increased leads to your business as well as satisfied customers and ultimately increased revenues. With respect to development and implementation of the Online Marketing Strategy for a company consider these important factors.

  • People all over the world are accessing the internet are online via desktop computers, tablets or mobile devices, your local target market will be shopping around online looking for your products or services.
  • Online internet marketing is cost effective & no other form of marketing is so cost effective and can offer the same levels of return on your investment.
  • Perhaps one of the most important aspects of online marketing is that it is measurable. Using various tools, you as a company, marketing executive or business owner can analyze previous campaigns, which will help fuel smarter campaigns in the future.
  • The key to a successful online marketing campaign is to make sure that once your company starts with its online marketing campaign is not to stop!

In essence it is necessary to Plan, Implement, Monitor, Analyze and Repeat

The internet is to be treated as a marketing channel and like other marketing channels it does not offer a quick fix for your business, and it certainly does not conform to a ‘do it one and never again’ approach.

If you are going to make your business a success based on your strategic marketing activities via the internet, it is important to understand that it is an ongoing process. Your online presence needs to grow and evolve with the internet as it changes and adapts as new technologies evolve in response to demands and usage models from society. This is the reason why a business needs the discipline to plan, implement, monitor and analyze every aspect of its strategic online marketing activities.

Finally, here are some check points for you to take note of in order to keep your business online marketing activities on track.

  • Plan & Think about your website, your social media profiles, your email campaigns, your SEO, and other methods & how will you use these over the next 30 days to achieve your business goals.
  • Monitor & Make sure that all of your activities are being monitored by an application such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insights to see if you are meeting your targets.

Time spent learning from & analysing past internet marketing activities for your business will help you to develop more effective online marketing campaigns in the future.