There is now no argument for most business owners whether or not they need to have a website to showcase their products or services to the world in general and specifically to their desired end user target market. Having a website that looks good and that represents the company is of course necessary and website design and development for business is one of our service offerings. But for now please consider that as the website is the face of your business it will do your business no good whatsoever if it cannot be found by those who you wish to engage with and to sell to.

Search Engine Optimization for a business can be seen as one of the most critical aspects of that company’s go to market strategy and making sure that use is made of the right professional SEO company should be taken seriously. Many business owners do not appreciate some of the complexities of what goes into getting a website ranking on the higher pages of the search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) and also many people only focus on the main website homepage URL as a demonstration of the strength of how well they are ranking.


Consider the fact that your company may offer multiple products and services, the way that keyword research and SEO works means that it will be very difficult to rank a homepage URL for too many terms, we normally would limit this to 2 or 3 main keywords and related terms. Our approach is to also focus our attention on the inner pages of the website so that when users are searching the internet they not only will come across your website’s homepage but also will enter into your website [marketing funnel] on various other pages that relate to the specific product or service that you have to offer.

This can become a very complex and sometimes overwhelming discussion and this is why we take a consultative SEO business management approach with all of the clients we work with. If you want to know more please do take a look at our search engine optimization report for business which will give you more information regarding our approach in working with making sure our clients’ business websites are ranking in the search engines.

Consider the amount of monies as a percentage of revenues that larger companies are spending on their marketing in funding full scales staff and campaigns on an ongoing basis – with that in mind you can gain an insight into why we have no standard pricing as the amount of work that we carry out depends on how difficult it will be to market any business on the internet. Please contact us to learn more about our SEO for business services so that we can be of service to you to ultimately help you to grow your revenues and customer base.

-Stephen C Campbell

Lots of businesses suffer with the fact that their websites have been up and running for a lengthy time, however it is not attracting the quality traffic they expected to obtain. Meanwhile, lots of their competitors are getting all the attention from local consumers, which is painfully taking away business from them. It is fairly obvious that there are lots of companies
in your local area that offer the very same solutions and/or products/services as you do in your business. This suggests that you’re contending for the exact same market, in addition to the exact same top spots in the online search engine results such as Google, Yahoo & Bing.

The success of a web site for your business is primarily determined by the Online Search Engine Optimization methods used in marketing the business website and promoting its exposure. If your company’s website is not showing up higher in the search engine rankings it is time that you implemented a strategy to obtain better rankings.

However the very first thing that you should do is to determine precisely where your website stands in terms of optimization. This website analysis and audit procedure includes such elements such as your

  • present positioning in the search engine rankings
  • keyword phrase effectiveness
  • traffic flow to your website

You ought to carry out online search engine searches for keyword phrase terms that relate to your business that you have included in your Search Engine Optimization project and figure out what position your website ranks at for specific search terms. This ought to be duplicated on all significant search engines since people will certainly utilize different search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing to find the products and services that you are selling.

Use analytic devices to obtain a detailed picture of your web site and all the functions happening within the site. Internet website traffic is the key factor in showing you just exactly how efficient your SEO initiatives are. Yes, the ‘amount’ of quality traffic is important, however the ‘kind’ of traffic is even more important. Because you are targeting specific markets & keywords, your SEO initiatives must focus on geo-targeted keywords.

After you determine your positioning in the online search engine rankings and the quantity of web traffic coming to your company’s website, you must compare the rankings against your competitor’s sites. With adequate details on where you stand, you can now check out your web site and Search Engine Optimization efforts from an educated standpoint.

Outranking your competitors is the goal of any business who is struggling to get more attention from their local customers online. Nonetheless, getting there takes a great deal of effort, devotion, and consistency. Once you delve down into your own Online search engine Advertising and marketing efforts, you will be equipped with details and information that will help you to
continue to push your competitors down the search engine rankings as you climb.