The ability for companies to refine their direct marketing communications has taken on new significance as we see that technology in the form of voice activated internet accessible devices has found its way into millions and millions of domestic households as well as companies and offices alike. When we view the process of communicating the message that any company has that it [by definition] must convey to the end user customers in order to build the brand that represents the company.

There are of course more traditional methods of getting in touch with customers such as via newspapers, flyers, leaflets, telephone, direct mail, radio, television – with that said we are all aware of the widespread and effective use of digital marketing which we define as a combination of social media and search engine marketing.

When we look at marketing from a tops down point of view we can see that it can readily be classified into two main pillars [there are of course other ways to classify marketing] that of Permission Based Marketing and that of Interruption Marketing. Permission Marketing is exactly what it says and is where we see [potential] customers raising their hand by virtue of the fact that they request information relating to specific products and services; therefore are wanting to receive that very information at the point in time that they make their request.

B2B Direct Marketing Via Amazon Alexa Flash Briefings

In terms of giving businesses the information that they require; the widespread installation of amazon alexa devices within offices, companies, co working locations and corporations is in fact a direct marketing channel [by making use of amazon alexa flash briefings voice marketing] that any business supplier is now able to access with current product updates, new product introductions, industry updates and other related information connected to the products and services they may wish to supply to the company in question.

So now – whether it be a work from home operation or large multi millions £/$ corporations; via amazon flash briefings we are now able to create effective direct marketing communication campaigns due to the brilliance of amazon opening up this specific sub digital marketing channel that by tapping into Amazon’s API we are able to reach local, national and international audiences.

We here at Capid Houser think that this may well be [one of] the ultimate business to business direct marketing with voice channels as we view how marketing to certain businesses at times in the past has been reserved for either existing suppliers or other large companies who they may look to and assume that they have a certain level of expertise and know how.

With the millions and millions of domestic households being seen to have amazon alexa devices installed – marketing professionals or those looking to get their name out there are now able to provide a wide range of information content by creating their own flash briefing and making them accessible by the end use consumer.

From a direct marketing communications perspective we can as an example simply look to drive customers to a website for more information or purposefully guide them down through what we call a marketing funnel. As the world of social media and search engine marketing continues to evolve we do not yet know what new tools will become available for us to use for marketing purposes – suffice it to say that amazon has opened up a channel to market that many otherwise would not have been able to get access to.

voice marketing

As with so many things around us in the technologically advanced world in which we live today when it comes to the method of communicating with the customer using digital marketing provides companies with many different tools, techniques and means for getting the unique value proposition of the company out through to identified target market customers. Various digital marketing tools that are commonly used within search engine as well as social media marketing channels are …

  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Micro Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • Blogging
  • Article Marketing
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

… and there are of course other digital marketing tools that have become available for the implementation of business development strategies for use by marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners and work from home employees. With that said in recent times we have been seeing the emergence of that which is termed Voice Marketing which has been driven by the increasing use of home and office installed voice activated smart speakers.

These voice activated speakers [which it makes sense to remember are being installed within company offices as well as home residences alike] have opened up another sub digital marketing channel that allow for companies to deliver marketing communications direct to business to business as well as business to consumers customers. This form of direct marketing has never been seen before as we consider how companies are looking more and more to gain a competitive advantage within the market place by maintaining top of mind awareness by giving customers the information they desire in relation to key products and services at the point in time that they require it.

It allows small businesses to compete with large corporate companies as now; they will be able to refine their go to marketing value proposition messages that are now able to reach target market customers [whether they be marketing to other businesses or direct to the end user customer] wherever they may be in terms of geography and of course the cost of doing so as compared to in the past has now been equalised.

Consider the case where a corporate company requires for example the latest digital marketing news and they have a smart speaker installed in their offices, they utilise voice marketing to obtain the information and they could come across Capid Houser’s voice digital marketing broadcasts, consume the quality information that we provide – which in turn could lead to a contract for our digital marketing agency uk as we look to continue with the expansion of some of the international clients [such as Swatch Group China, Iveco Trucks, Vienna Airport] that we have worked with in the past. In days gone by this breadth of reach in terms of marketing would only be possible for large corporates due to the costs involved.

Amazon Alexa Flash Briefings

With some fifity five percent of domestic households with the USA set to have Amazon Alexa devices installed by the year 2022, this will enable marketing professionals to make use of this form of digital channel [amazon alexa flash briefings] marketing in order to deliver their business development and marketing strategy communications directly to a potential 100 Million Amazon Alexa End Users. Consider how Capid Houser’s service offering can enable any business to now let millions of Amazon Alexa users consumer their marketing content daily straight from their devices – an ultimate for of voice digital marketing that can add to the methods used to build a business.

With tens of billions of dollars of sales of company products and services set to be driven directly as a results of  the information delivered through Amazon Alexa devices, it does remain to be seen how many companies jump [from a strategic perspective] to modify their go to market strategies using voice marketing for businesses in order to gain and maintain market share.

And In Conclusion …

The question that needs to be answered by corporations, small businesses as well as marketing professionals all around the world is are they going to ignore this particular form of digital communications which has been given the terminology voice marketing strategy development; as by doing so the opportunities exist for companies to be able to bring in a large amount of new customers as well as purchasers for the business in question – as you read this article as a marketing professional, digital marketer or business manager – check out our audio marketing strategy information page, then please do take the survey and book in an audio and voice digital marketing strategy and let us set up your company’s amazon alexa flash briefings in order to accelerate your business strategy.