Capid Houser’s Digital Marketing Customer Loyalty, Deals and Awards System is based around the fact that in terms of building out a long term business development strategy in terms of promoting and fostering customer loyalty and getting to the point that customers go on to recommend the company that they have conducted business to their friends, colleagues and family.

In terms of looking at things from a digital marketing strategic perspective and examining the results of such customer loyalty and rewards programmes have had and are having; we do know that such systems work for lead generation, building up the level of repeat business which leads to increased revenue related to the sales of products and services.

So when we stop and take a look at the business operations of some of the most iconic corporations, SMEs and other businesses throughout the world and the success that they experience with customer loyalty systems the question that is often asked is …

customer loyalty rewards programs

… How Can The Smaller Non Corporate Businesses Have Such A Fully Functioning Customer Loyalty, Deals, Coupons, And Reward System In Place ? …

During marketing strategy and business development meetings; management often consider how their businesses could develop by making use of such customer retention and loyalty rewards systems; but often at the point of discussion – when looking at the costs and complexities involved in constantly having to print coupons and cards; distribution of the promotional material not to mention the waste coupon, scratch cards and deals leaflets that no long have any use to the business due to expiration dates.

Customer Loyalty Rewards

As a functioning Full Service Digital Marketing Agency – we here at Capid Houser offer various internet marketing tools and services that businesses can make use of in order to both expand their digital marketing footprint in terms of social media and search engine marketing. In addition to this and in line with this discussion this is where our Digital Marketing Smart Phone based system has been made available for businesses from different market sectors are able to take advantage of in order to execute corporate level customer loyalty rewards programmes that server to assist with customer retention, lead generation and revenue generation based on the increased level of business that comes as a result of any fully functioning Online Shopping Deals and Coupons system that is in place.

The system functions by providing customers with their own cloud based dashboard so that they can log in at their own convenience and create their own deals [using their own company images and graphics], coupons and even quite sophisticated customer client rewards programmes that can be used to allow customers to more fully engage with the restaurant, coffee shops, beauty salon, dry cleaners or other businesses looking to take their digital marketing to a higher level.

Clients are able to share their special offers, deals and coupons on social media straight from the comfort of their mobile phones therefore assisting the business with its ongoing branding and promotion.

We consider this service offering to be …

… The Complete Smartphone Based Client Rewards, Coupons And Loyalty System …

… the system has been so designed to increase customer retention and drive product and service sales leading to growing revenue generation. So if you as a business owner or marketing professional are looking to get a fully functioning client interaction system set up for your company – let us know and we’ll get your system setup with haste.

There are many and varied ways that any company may choose to make use of Artificial Intelligence Based Chatbots within their organisations; with that said – chatbots for customer support and service is one aspect of messenger bots that is being seen to enhance business operations. With customers having to phone in the companies and to wait to speak with customer service staff employees; when they eventually get to speak with someone they will get their query resolved often in quick time as experience shows – standard questions are asked and in many cases the staff knows the correct response to give before the customer has actually completed giving the full reasoning for their phone call.

As the nature of things dictate we will see the Pareto [80/20] rule coming into play with eighty percent of the customers who call into the company requiring a set 20% of responses based upon common operational issues with products and services.

Any company when they stop and think will be able to come up with a list of common issues that customers seem to experience, this could simply due to the way human beings are in terms of approaching the use of any product / service that they have a degree of unfamiliarity with.

The same will apply when it comes to emails that are received where the customers service staff are able to respond the queries based upon those issues which they have seen to come up time and time again.

Given the argument above – this is where we see that Chatbots For Customer Service come into play in terms of enhancing the level of customer interaction and support that can be provided to customers twenty four hours a day and in most cases we do know that there will not actually be a need for the customer to actually speak live with a member of staff in order to get their issue resolved. So here is where The Intelligent Chatbot for Customer Support and Sales can be put into play in order to enhance the brand of the company by at times giving customers the very information they receive on the spot.

So as we go through the process of Customer Care Chatbot Development we here at Capid Houser would look to work with our partner customer client / to collate as complete as possible [through a series of interviews with support staff along with conversations (phone calls & in person) and the scrutiny of the company’s website and product / service operational material] a list of the [eighty percent] known responses to specific questions that have been given and program these into the Customer Support Chatbot algorithms and then the customer service responses can be delivered to the customers without the need for employee intervention.

One point worth bearing in mind is that multiple conversations

[and it is worth noting that there will be no customers having to wait on the phone whilst a member of staff is busy with another customer]

are able to be conducted at any point in time which will free up time that otherwise would have been taken up by an actual employee that they will be able to use to complete other tasks.

Now with the artificial intelligence based chatbots engine base in action, whenever customers ask questions that have not been asked before; over time these questions will be added to the overall database which will in turn when the question is posed the next time the appropriate response will be given to the customer. Over time – without having to rely on the memories or mere experience of the customer service personnel in question, the company will end up with a database of all of the questions that customers are asking which will allow them to review such information within business development planning meeting which will show exactly how customer service chatbots are redefining customer support with the use of our artificial intelligence based messenger bots.

Influencer Marketing compared to Viral Marketing

Which aspect of digital marketing Is Best For Companies

Most business are actively looking for tools and techniques that they can make use of in order to increase the conversations target market customers are having in relation to the company, its associated brand along with the products and services that are being sold into the marketplace. Due to the current state of the penetration that traditional media allows, digital marketing agencies such as Capid Houser are making use of innovation such as as voice marketing, chatbot marketing, google reviews platform for businesses, as well as Online Appointment systems in order to grab the attention of prospective customer for lead generation and customer acquisition.

Now, many have heard of some of these marketing terms …

  • Word of mouth
  • Buzz marketing
  • Viral marketing

… well no matter what terminology that is attached to the above these are very effective methods of marketing the products and services of any company along with expanding the reach of its brand.

Viral as compared to Influencer Marketing : What Does This Mean ?

Viral digital marketing is a method that companies can use in which to capture customer’s as well as the media’s attention so that they are actually talking about & discussing the brand. Now, when it comes to Influencer Marketing this will be incorporated into our digital marketing agency services program and it can readily be broken down into two components : Customers direct experience in relation to the company brand, products and services and the things that they have to say about those experiences. This serves to generate buzz & news and end up becoming a source of content that gets consumed and shared and acts as a key component of any social media marketing strategy execution program. Many who are not early adopters may well say that this is not the conventional way in which to market a company.

Influencer marketing can be said to be about obtaining the media as well as the clients attention in order to get them to talk about the company brand in a manner that is both newsworthy as well as captivating so that
others want to share the content via their social media channels. The objective here is to initiate conversations – in order to make sure that individuals are continually talking about the brand that is associated with specific products and services that will be in turn picked up by the media, key market sector influencers so that this information will be shared. This method of digital marketing strategy execution means that the company will not be talking “at” customers but that they will be seen to be actually speaking “to” them.

Does Influencer Marketing Work For Companies ?

The digital marketing and advertising market has expanded and we can see that all kinds of companies are making an attempt gain market presence. It is for this reason in developing key go to market strategies innovation are at the core in getting a brand’s attention out to the marketplace at large – i.e. with customers and the media alike. So, it is for this for this reason that marketing professionals such as ourselves continue to look and search for ever more more creative means of getting their brand more attention and recognition in order to drive sales of products and services and in turn revenues.

It is important for companies to use these marketing methods with care and integrity so that customers do not end up mistrusting the company if they see that positive news have in someway been manufactured.

This is one reason why this form of digital marketing with the referrals coming from family, colleagues and friends in relation to the company’s products and services work so well. This is one reason why we see companies using google business reviews and other methods in order to boost referrals and recommendations that come from customers.

Influencer digital marketing will continue to assist in expanding interest from consumers by sharing quality experiences and information through social media marketing channels and networks which will in turn reach target market customers. This information will in turn be used for lead generation which in turn will help turn prospects into actual customers.

The topic of this conversation is “Small Business Customer Loyalty Programs” as we consider the fact that when we look at the ongoing customer facing strategies used by some of the most reputable companies found throughout the world, we see that a large majority of them can be seen to be executing fully functioning customer loyalty rewards programmes.

In addition to this we see that they use Coupons and Deals all from a top level business development and marketing strategy perspective as they are designed to fulfill specific objectives in terms of driving business growth seen through the increased sales of products and services which come through the fact that they have come from the new leads that have been generated. Also the increased revenues would have been generated from the existing customers who come back into the business over and over again.

As an example – consider perhaps the most famous fast food company in the world where at my local outlet on the coffee cup that I purchase I get the option to save tear offs that prove that I purchase a cup of coffee.

If I choose to save up the tears offs then say when I have 6 then I will be able to present them to the checkout desk and get one free. This is an example of a customer loyalty rewards and customer retention program as I as the customer am able to increase engagement with the company by going back into the establishment for the receipt of free products and services …

… [in this case the loyalty award is a cup of coffee but it could be a free beauty facial, a free salad at a restaurant, a free oil change in term of a car repair etc etc] …

The type of customer reward will be determined by the type of company [as an example it may depend on sales volumes as in the case of a coffee shop customer can be seen to purchase one or two cups a day whereas in terms of a car repair outlet, the customer may be seen to come in say 2 or 3 times a year] – with that said in the case of the car dealer the offer could be given for referring a new customer. But the main point being made here is that from a business strategy development perspective – the marketing professional will design any loyalty awards programme that will be seen to fit in line with the top level company strategy.

In terms of putting our attention on small business customer rewards program and marketing solutions it should be made clear that as in the examples above; loyalty schemes must be developed with the needs of the business in mind as the objectives will come in various forms : one being to get existing customers to come back into the business over and over again in order to purchase more products and service; the other to acts as lead generation which will serve to build up the total number of customers that the business has in the long run which in turn will have a bearing on the revenue generated by the business.

So given the arguments above; what shall the owner of a chain of 4 or 5 coffee shops do or a beauty salon chain owner with a handful of beauty parlours or in the case of a restaurant owner that owns say three or four dining outlets do in order to develop their own small business customer rewards program and marketing solution ?

The point above is stressed given that in most cases these classification of business will not have millions of $ or £ that are needed to print out flyers, leaflets and credit card sized loyalty schemes which at times expire and the business is left with at a lot of wasted material that simply have to be discarded.

… Well as with so many things that we see around us today here is where technology [in this case in the form of digital marketing] comes into play …

….. as now companies can work with a full service digital marketing agency in order to effect customer loyalty programs that actually function via the mobile phone of the customer, is based in the cloud and that the company is able to use in order to develop innovative digital marketing customer loyalty systems and at the same time building an ongoing database of new customers as well as raising levels of customer satisfaction by giving customers rewards in terms of services and products which in turn will encourage them to spread the word about the business operation between their friends, family as well as their colleagues.

One other aspect of being able to make use of customer loyalty and rewards programmes that are based on digital marketing principles is that these deals, coupons and awards are readily able to be shared via social media sites such as facebook, twitter and youtube as well as via the search engine marketing content portals.

So now as small businesses look to gain a competitive advantage within the marketplace; they can look to digital marketing including search engine and social media strategies that can be used to widen the scope of the brand, generate new business leads and encourage existing customers to come back into the business over and over again as well as acting as business advocates.

Within the digital marketing field things are progressing and moving at a rapid pace; when it comes to interfacing with the customer at the company website – conversational marketing with the use of ChatBots which has Artificial Intelligence technologies at its core is on the rise. We here at Capid Houser are in line with the power that Strategic AI ChatBot Marketing can bring to the implementation of the marketing strategy of any business.

One of the wonderful aspects of using conversational marketing with Chatbots is that they only get activated when a person arrives at the website that the ChatBot has been installed on. At this point in time the business can interact with customers no matter what time of day it may be.

Preprogrammed automatic responses can me made to do so many things for any company as an example users can be shown a restaurant menu or a list of services that a beauty salon may have on offer. The action can be triggered by various keywords or triggers that can be used to initiate multi topic discussions, these conversation can be programmed to get right to the bottom of issues that the customers may be experiencing.

Understand the problem, queries or issues that customers are experiencing will assist the company in understand the customer more deeply and therefore refine the business development strategy than in turn will be used to gain more customers and generate incremental revenues.

ChatBots are here to stay – as they can be intelligently utilised to increase the amount of customer interaction, answering questions and from a process driven point of view review all responses and then after careful analysis refine marketing development.

This is how the current digital marketing strategies are being played out and when it comes to dealing with customer support – chatbots are an excellent way to handle this necessary part of any business operations. Using ChatBots for customer service queries can push clients down into the sales pipeline and lead to revenue generation.

With customer support in mind and linking this back to digital marketing content generation and publication that in turn brings customers to the company website will assist the company in gaining the maximum return on the investment made in terms of digital marketing.

So the thing to do is to develop a coherent online marketing strategy – uniting all social and search engine marketing channels to drive traffic to the marketing chatbot with a view to engaging the customer and enhancing the view of the company’s brand, products and services.

Again – it is wise to carefully and strategically place ChatBots on specific pages on the company website; in this way we are able to grab customers attention and generate as many ChatBot initiated conversations as possible.

chat bot marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy Development continues to grow and progress along with the other technological advancements we see around us in society. When it comes to Business Development and Branding Company websites play a central role in our we interface with customers as in the vast majority of cases, customers will form a view of us based on the interaction they have with our website along with the content that they read and consume both on our business website and on other blogs, press releases and of course via social media. We have seen an evolution of ways in which to capture website visitor’s attention and one of the latest innovations is in the form of Chat Bot Agents that are based on artificial intelligence technologies that actually learn user behaviour and makes adjustments accordingly.

Capid Houser’s ChatBot Marketing Agency service offering has been developed in order to stay current and relevant in relation to market movements, not that we change our strategies based on every market movement but we can see that with Facebook and other major corporations putting major strategy efforts into Conversational Marketing With Robots that this form of marketing is set to grow over the coming years; and it our goal to bring the best world wide ground breaking technologies to our customers.

ChatBots are indeed the future of marketing and some of what Capid Houser’s service offering provides is as follows …

  • Completely Custom Designed
  • Provides Industry Specific Options
  • Builds A Database Of Website Visitors
  • Provides Marketing Analysis Of User Interaction
  • Fits Into Business Strategy Plans

… and with the Chat Agent on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week interfacing with every website visitor the business is able to fully benefit from all of the Search Engine & Social Media Marketing efforts by maximising customer engagement and carefully guiding clients through the marketing funnel, again we stress that all of the decision matrix paths are designed and based around the core business strategies that have been deployed by the corporation in question.

Indeed, it is the consultative approach that we take when we design, develop and execute chatbot marketing agents for clients that will enable the company to add an extra dimension to its Digital Marketing Strategy Execution efforts. With the rapid rise in messenger apps like Whatsapp and Facebook messenger, ChatBot marketing is well set to be a major component of business growth as we continue in 2019 and beyond as more and more of marketing is based around the company website; as an example in the case of a restaurant food service establishment this could be accomplished in the form of reviewing results of customer choices that are made via the ChatBot in terms of food choices; this could culminate in refining and defining food and drink menus.

In terms of Real Estate & Lettings Agencies we find that ChatBots Bots are well and truly poised to provide massive assistance in terms of customer support and segmenting those searching for properties into market classifications e.g. Looking for apartments, Landords wanting to purchase, Buy To Let business people etc, etc. All of this can be accomplished and also make use of Real Estate Chatbots for Lead Capture which will allow the property company to focus in on acting on the actual intentions of the customers which would have all been captured seemlessly by the Real Estate Agents Marketing ChatBot that would have been programmed to act in accordance to that which is needed by the specific property sales, renting, lettings or investing company.

No matter what stage of Digital Marketing Strategy & execution a company finds themselves in, the fact remains that Artificial Intelligence & ChatBbots set to continue to shape what will be the future of website customer interaction which will in turn feed into business strategy and that of digital [search engine & social media] marketing development. What some terms as conversational or ChatBot Marketing for Customer Service is definitely here to stay and as soon as companies get their 24 x 7 ChatBot Agent working for them the better as it will serve to provide a competitive advantage in the market place, but more importantly serve to develop more targeted products and services through the use of the analytics data provided along with higher levels of customer service which, in the end is that which a company exists !

We here at Capid Houser of course make use of digital marketing as a key component of the go to market strategies that will be developed when working with a client, in executing the digital marketing [search engine and social media] aspect of the company’s marketing – effective facebook digital marketing strategy development will be a part of the marketing funnel that will be developed to guide customers from strangers to paying customers.

Now, when people look to Hire a Digital Marketing Company such as ours in order to develop and execute strategic facebook marketing campaigns; we always explain that the thing or object that we call a pixel is actually a description of that which is probably Facebook’s Advertising platform’s most powerful feature for those wishing to use it for marketing purposes. The pixel carries out many different and varied functions such as tracking what website visitors actually do and; it has been designed to work with all computing devices i.e. desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets as well as functioning via all IP addresses.

Once a website visitor has been connected with the pixel – just by visiting the website using their favourite browser, now as we will implement; as the business executes a marketing campaign based on the previous website visitors then they will be able to rest assured that their marketing messages will be shown to those website visitors one of the great thing is that it does not matter whichever computing device they happen to be using, also from a geographical perspective the advertisements can be show to them too. Here we have looked to classify various topics in relation to Facebook Ads in order to make them as effective as any marketer would like them to be.

One : The business targets a warm or hot audience

Unlike cold audiences, it is easier for warm or hot audiences to convert because they already know they brand or business. It is a fact that very few of those who visit any company’s website for the first time will actually go on to purchase goods and services on that specific first occurrence. It is for this reason that we now make use of that which we call retargeting – these are used within specific advertising campaigns and the for sure assist in providing the business with more chances of those website visitors turning into paying customers.

Two : Expand the scope of the business brand

On the second point of contact with your business in my work as a digital marketing strategy consultant we know that prospects or leads may start opening themselves to your business. They may not be ready to buy from you yet, but slowly they are becoming more aware of your brand. At this stage, they are in the middle of your sales funnel (consideration stage). By carefully presenting marketing messages to customers over and over again, marketers are then able to move customers down through the marketing funnel – by definition this will mean that customers are then more susceptible to making purchase decisions.

And so in conclusion, if any company in question chooses to develop and execute their own Digital [Search & Social Media] Marketing Strategies; we are confident that by making use of the tips providing above, any digital marketing campaign will be more effective and will results in the business in question getting the maximum out of its chosen go to market campaigns.

sms text message marketing

We work with businesses on a consultative basis in order to identify where the use of SMS Text Message Marketing fits into their overall business strategy. With more and more of your business’ end user clients making use of their Mobile & Smart Phones often 24 hours a day, this serves to become a very effective marketing channel for getting information, messages, special deals and reminders to clients. This is effective marketing and for many business the use of SMS & Text Message Marketing as a part of their business strategy can lead to happy customers and increased revenues.

ou need to be making use of Mobile SMS Marketing so that you can keep in touch with your clients. This is not about jumping on the latest fad but it is about making sure that you make use of the today’s technology trend so that you can stay ahead of the competition. If you have a business you are already using marketing channels, SMS Text message marketing should be used in conjunction with other marketing means as an enhancement so that you can strengthen your ties with customers.

It is often tempting to continue doing what we have done in the past in our business, e.g. using the more traditional means of getting in touch with clients such as flyers, print coupons, radio and newspaper advertising. As a business owner do not let let technology stand in your way, we are here to help your business. We can have your text campaigns identified and setup with haste so that you can get on with what you do best and that is running your business.

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Social Media Marketing Education

With its wide reach and the variety of users, businesses, customers and differing marketing sectors that it hosts, marketers have turned to twitter because if used in a strategic manner it can prove to be extremely viral and the only cost to any marketing campaign will be in the form of content creation [images, videos, tweets] and analysis. With that said, getting results from any marketing campaign execution may not be as easy as it seems on the surface. Using twitter from a strategic marketing perspective will help companies maximize their use of twitter for business, branding, product and services promotion purposes.

Here are a few tips to assist in marketing & promoting one’s business strategically on twitter …

Track keywords : Some keywords on twitter grab more attention than others. Therefore, it is very important that you identify these popular keywords and use them in your tweets. Twitter keywords will grab the attention of potential and existing customers. Use those searches to your advantage.

Save and reuse popular tweets : Saving and reusing popular tweets is a good way to market on twitter. This can be achieved by saving those tweets that sent traffic to your website and drove your bandwidth outside the realm of probabilities. At times, some people who are interested may not have seen the tweet the first time.

Add followers : This is a good way of using twitter strategically for marketing as it will help you find new people to expose your product or service to. Before adding followers, it is important that you decide on a niche [or market sector] and then look for key targeted market sectors to communicate with. Follow the key influencers in your market sector and then start following some of their followers.

It is also a good practice to follow back anyone who follows you but with some obvious exceptions. Doing this will slowly but surely increase your followers. Tools like WeFollow and Twellow can help you find like-minded people to follow on twitter.

Keep it social : Always remember that twitter is not a classified posting site and you cannot use it to post ads per se but one can of course use the advertising platform and provide quality content to lead prospects through a specific marketing funnel. Your account can be terminated if is found out that you are using it for spamming purposes. Therefore, focus on providing information, latest news, and useful updates.

Strategic Tweeting : One question that we often pose to clients in seminars and workshops is “what is the best time of the day to tweet” ? to which we receive various fixed times; the answer is “it depends”. To determine the answer to this question will necessitate …

  • posting content using varying hashtags
  • post related subject matter
  • monitor engagement

… based on the complex interaction of all three above – we will come up with just when is the best time[s] of the day to tweet. This of course will continue to change as the market [needs of the customer] changes along with that which is in the news.

Build relationships to establish trust : Remember that people are far more likely to buy from someone they know and trust. Make friends first and then offer your products or services after establishing a relationship with your followers.

The strategic tweeting, following, connecting with influencers, keeping things social and other [what we consider to be] twitter marketing fundamentals are all part of Capid Houser’s Digital Marketing Makeover service offering. This works in conjunction with other aspects of social media marketing, video marketing, image marketing as well as search engine marketing all designed to promote and marketing companies along with its brand, products and services.

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Social Media Marketing Education

As we are well and truly in the age of Digital and Social Media Marketing which of course includes many sub Digital Marketing channels such as …

  1. Video Marketing
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Blogging
  4. Article Marketing
  5. Podcasting

… and more; which in many cases has been seen to leave behind the use of that which was deemed to be the more traditional forms of marketing such as Radio, Television, Yellow Pages, Newspapers, Flyers, Billboards and Magazines.

Take the case of when a company invests a significant amount of money in getting an ad posted on a billboard on say one of the main roads in a particular city. hundreds of even thousands of cars may drive past that ad within any given day and from that quantity of individuals the company is betting that there will be some people interested in the products and/or services behind marketed. The message of the billboard may prompt some people to call a phone number, send in an email or maybe visit a nearby store and make a direct purchase. Of the purchases made locally one can never really determine if those purchases were made due to the presence of billboard ad therefore providing the company with data on the campaigns effectiveness.

Considering the above scenario you; the reader may apply the same logic to all of the [previously] traditional forms of advertising and marketing and ask yourself whether or not the company can ever really get a true value on measuring the effectiveness of the campaign.