Enhance the reach of your company’s Marketing to connect to an ever increasing amount of people who are using the internet to look for details on and relating to the products and services that your business produce by making use of an expertly designed website that works on all computing devices i.e. desktop computers, smartphones and tablets.

We all know how hard we have to work in order just to get clients to visit our website – largely the business should be making use of ongoing search engine optimization and online content creation to enable those high search engine rankings. So that leads to the question regarding what happens after those existing and potential clients end up visiting your business website. It is critically important to note that a business website is in fact the face of your company, it is the brand’s online store & presence and it is important to make sure that clients take your business seriously once they interact with your website and brand online.

It is from the very moment that a site visitor lands on your website that you will have just seconds to engage with them that will determine whether or not they remain on your website and read about your company, products and services or they will bounce and go to another internet site (maybe your competitor !!). As a business owner you simply cannot afford to ignore the importance of investing in a well designed website that you adequately represent your company online.


What is a Mobile Responsive Website Design? : At Capid Houser we design and develope various websites for different industry sectors. However, we focus on creating tailored, responsive websites based upon the WordPress system. This indicates that we will tailor your website based on your specifications. And since your website will be responsive, this means that one version of your business website will load and display correctly on computer devices as touched on above : desktop computers, laptops,  mobile phones, and tablets.

Why Build a Mobile Responsive Site? : Your immediate gains: Researches show that 72 % of smartphone owners purchased from their tablet-based local search. If your website will not load appropriately on a tablet computer and for mobile phone users they won’t be able to read and understand about your business or be able to navigate appropriately in order to purchase your products or services on your website. It is important to note that by 2014, mobile internet usage will overtake desktop users. By buying a mobile responsive web site today, you will be preparing your website and your business to cater for the needs of the clients of the future.

We Utilize WordPress : WordPress is an incredible content administration system (CMS) and is really flexible to use – we custom design website to work with the wordpress standard interface. It is SEO-friendly and is easy to use. You as a business will be able to easily login to the administration section of the website and update content if the needs arises. WordPress is one of the largest open internet resource platform in the world and has a lot more attributes and “add on” capabilities compared to other design system.

CMS design platform. What We Do?– Recap of Internet Style Solutions.

  • WordPress Theme-based Web Style.
  • WordPress Custom-made Web Design.
  • WordPress Mobile-Responsive Theme-based Internet Style.
  • WordPress Mobile-Responsive Custom-made Web Design.

Installation, Setup and Customization– We will custom design and develop and upload your business website around the latest wordpess versions.  Whatever we produce will be based on the consultation we undertake with you, we will work to agree an appropriate website layout for you based on your business needs which will serve to satisfy the desired objectives and strategies of your business and marketing plans.

Graphic Layout and Mockup– We at Capid Houser will provide website designs and mockups with industry specific images installed on your website. We will make sure that these images are aesthetically engaging and they will be setup to complement the overall aesthetics of the website that will relate to your business, branding and strategies.

There will also be various addons such as Email Installation and Configuration, Web site Data backup & Migration.

Do not take the chance by making use of a sub standard website that could potentially turn clients away. Make a great impression by employing and expertly designed Mobile-Responsive Website Design & Developed by Capid Houser.

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