Digital Marketing Makeover

A comprehensive hands off service delivered by Capid Houser designed to give your business, brand, products and services a kick start within the Digital Marketing channel. The first aspect of the service consists of full setup of the business’ Social Media profile including custom graphics design, content creating, syndication and posting.

To drive traffic to the website, blog or social profile of the business an initial Search Engine Marketing Content creation plan will be devised and executed. This will include the setup of various internet content identities on identified internet portals, relevant content creation, linking and posting on an ongoing basis [billed monthly in advance] designed to bring visibility to your business within the search engines.

The Social Media Marketing aspect of the service will raise the profile of the company by joining in with existing conversations and initiating new topics related to the marketplace we are operating within.

Let’s consider some of the items within the top level business strategy that need to be accomplished via having a presence on the internet such as 1) building the Equity of the Brand and that of 2) Lead Generation. With the Digital Marketing Makeover process development and execution we focus on that of brand awareness and brand associations.

We can determine who the leaders and influencers are within a particular market sector and share their content, follow them and connect with them – these associations ties into raising the awareness of our brand with a view of ultimately shining a light on our products and services offerings into the marketplace.

Consistent content education of the marketplace and bringing customers into the marketing funnel via search engine and social marketing leads to revenue generation.

  • Expand The Scope Of The Brand

  • Daily Microblogging

  • Establish Thought Leadership

  • Connect With Influencers

  • Facebook Marketing

  • Keyword Research

  • Customer Intelligence Data

  • Marketing Campaign Development

  • Lead Generation

Why Do We Focus On Google ?

The Search Engine Optimization approaches that we at Capid Houser follow adhere to Google’s recommendations and specifications. It is a fact that in today’s internet enabled world more and more peop0le are turning to the social media and the search engines in particular to look for products and services.

Facebook Marketing copy

Custom Facebook cover design and account setup, daily posting and content syndication for a full 30 days of industry specific news and events. Use of main video created for Youtube to be used and a main marketing vehicle to bring customers to your page and main website.

Micro Blogging

Twitter account setup along with appropriate handle to represent your business and custom designed graphics. 30 days of industry specific content syndication [posting] to your Twitter account with analysis to effect the best times of day to post. Initial following of a minimum of 100 industry leaders over the 30 day period.

Establishment Of A Social Media Business Footprint

It is absolutely imperative to establish a digital marketing footprint that relates to the company its brand, products and services. The creation of a social media presence that serves to promote the business such takes ongoing analysis, connection with thought leaders, content syndication and sharing along with the establishment of the voice of the business in the market place in order to connect with key customer market segments.

  • Marketing With Videos

    We will produce one master video of around 60 seconds in length, The video will represent your product or service and use a custom written script and make use of a professional voiceover artist. This will be added to your Youtube account along with all of the appropriate graphics and header images.

We constantly state that Digital Marketing is indeed a marketing channel with many sub channels which includes routes to communicate with customers such as Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media, Blogging and other mediums that present themselves as marketing channels due the internet connectivity that computers, mobile phones, tablets and smart devices give us.

It is with this in mind that our Digital Marketing Makeover service offering was created in order to take all of the hard work of internet marketing analysis, content creation creation and publication, accounts setup, keyword analysis and more out of the hand of the busy company personnel.

The Digital Marketing Makeover service is designed to promote and build the equity of the brand, attract customers into the marketing funnel and build a marketing database which through the business processes that are in place will lead to sales and revenue generation.

  • Graphics & Image Marketing

    Full setup and optimisation of your Pinterest account. We will configure Three [3] boards and add a minimum of Five [5] pins within each board complete with website links, hashtags and appropriate references. Each pin will be custom designed for your business and contain website URLs and branding.

Marketing your business on the internet is a task intensive and time consuming set of activities that are to be executed on a daily basis. Taking this on within your business could mean that your business ends up only working on this task and is deflected from working on the core competency of the business. We at Capid Houser are here to act as your Search Engine Marketing Strategy department so get in touch now so that we can get started to enhance your online presence using the social media networks.

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