Billions of paper based coupons are redeemed every year, coupons are a proven method of communicating with clients and delivering marketing messages.

In all major stores you will see coupons on sale as customers are constantly on the lookout for scratch cards and prizes that can be won in exchange for the small price paid for the coupon.

With the rise of the use of Smart Phones & Mobile Devices the marketing channel of using Digital Coupons are being incorporated into the business strategies of corporations large and small.

Customers have already been conditioned to purchasing coupons and due to the fact that customers always have their mobile phones with them, businesses do not have to face the problem that paper based coupons come with i.e. being lost and left at home thereby leading to a relatively low redemption rate.


Think of the extra revenues that you can generate for your company by adopting a strategic digital coupons marketing strategy !!


You will increase the level of engagement between customers and your company as they flock to win some of the prizes and offers that are made readily available due to the coupons being useable via their mobile phones.


Gain a competitive advantage over your competitors by making use of digital marketing coupons.


The time to begin your Digital Coupons Marketing Strategy is today as the the use of Smart Phone & Mobile Devices continue to rise.


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