Marriott CEO Arne Sorenson, provides insight to the enormous growth in the company’s marketing practices. He states [in] that the company is “dramatically stepped up what were doing in social media and the way we are going about marketing” he also stated the historically the company focused on using its Marriott rewards program and that was sufficient for yesterday’s mode of operation and reaching out the end user clients.

In our work as a digital marketing and branding agency helping companies with social media and digital marketing strategy development and execution, we come across many companies that are resistant to chance therefore we were encouraged when Mr Sorenso mentioned how the company continues to bring in ‘fresh blood’ into the organization in order to educate and bring the company up to date when it comes to using the full suite of digital marketing tools that the internet has to offer [in this case he focused on social media marketing for business]. He touches on the digital marketing aspect of content marketing and digital strategy, noting that any content produced by a company has to be engaging and relevant in order for the people it was intended for to want to consume that content – which can of course come in many formats such as …

o Video
o Audio
o Image
o Article
o Press Releases
o Contests
o Blog Posts
o Forum Interactions

… and the list could indeed go on an on. Mr Sorenson talks about ‘getting into the conversation’ which is a point that many companies really need to take note of. It is no longer just about ‘dumping content on the internet, consumers are already engaged in their own worlds and it is for the company to determine the point of interest that relates and then to use this angle to join in.As we act as a digital marketing and social media agency that takes away all of the work that is involved in continually developing content and strategically publishing that content on the internet on relevant portals and social media sites all tied in to generate leads for the company and to give valuable exposure in the marketplace.

Digital Marketing Social Media Agency

The graphic above serves to summarise some of that which comes with our ongoing digital marketing agency service offering for companies, you will see that we use a combination of tools such as Email Marketing, Social Media Posting [to sites such as Tumblr and of course Facebook] – in addition to that which is illustrated in the graphic, we execute Lead Generation, Loyalty Programs and Viral Contests in combination with other activities in order to provide a comprehensive marketing solution for customers. The service is particulary suited to retail businesses such as Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Beauty Salons, Jewellery Shops, Auto Car Dealers & Gymnasiums as well as any other business that wishes to engage with its target end user clients using the digital marketing channel whilst being able to be freed up to focus on its core business competency.

If you as the business leader or as a concerned employee would like to make your digital marketing and social media marketing activities that much more effective – you are encouraged to get in touch with us here at Capid Houser, we will then in turn speak with you to see how we can work together to help you with your desired business goals.

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