Apple said it is investigating the issue, and suggested turning the device off and on again may help in the meantime. The iPad Pro, Apple’s largest tablet, was released earlier this month.
Taking a look at this news story of course leads us to consider the events in terms of the overall Digital Marketing Arena along with the sub marketing channel which we can term Mobile Marketing and of course the surge in sales of Mobile Devices and Smart Phones only goes to strengthen the message that needs to be highlighted to more and more business owners of the importance of …

First – having a mobile optimised website to showcase their business
Secondly – ensuring their marketing is appropriately created with a view for consumption on mobile devices

… The uptake of the use of Tablets such as the iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy range has opened up new avenues for companies to be able to get their messaging out in front of their target market sectors. This of course means that so many companies are making use of digital marketing and social media agencies due to the complexities involved in researching and creating content in order to build out a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

For sure Apple will solve whatever problem exists, allowing companies to have their mobile optimised websites fully displayed on the iPads as they fully expand on their mobile marketing business strategy in order to give the customer the best possible user experience.

As companies continue to innovate with technology; we will be continually taken into new avenues in terms of how we use such technologies to market to and reach our target market segments. For now we can safely say that mobile marketing is [or should be] on the agenda of marketing departments throughout the world as companies look to develop their messages, pass those message through the digital marketing channel and reach their target market segments who hopefully will become customers.

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