With its wide reach and the variety of users, businesses, customers and differing marketing sectors that it hosts, marketers have turned to twitter because if used in a strategic manner it can prove to be extremely viral and the only cost to any marketing campaign will be in the form of content creation [images, videos, tweets] and analysis. With that said, getting results from any marketing campaign execution may not be as easy as it seems on the surface. Using twitter from a strategic marketing perspective will help companies maximize their use of twitter for business, branding, product and services promotion purposes.

Here are a few tips to assist in marketing & promoting one’s business strategically on twitter …

Track keywords : Some keywords on twitter grab more attention than others. Therefore, it is very important that you identify these popular keywords and use them in your tweets. Twitter keywords will grab the attention of potential and existing customers. Use those searches to your advantage.

Save and reuse popular tweets : Saving and reusing popular tweets is a good way to market on twitter. This can be achieved by saving those tweets that sent traffic to your website and drove your bandwidth outside the realm of probabilities. At times, some people who are interested may not have seen the tweet the first time.

Add followers : This is a good way of using twitter strategically for marketing as it will help you find new people to expose your product or service to. Before adding followers, it is important that you decide on a niche [or market sector] and then look for key targeted market sectors to communicate with. Follow the key influencers in your market sector and then start following some of their followers.

It is also a good practice to follow back anyone who follows you but with some obvious exceptions. Doing this will slowly but surely increase your followers. Tools like WeFollow and Twellow can help you find like-minded people to follow on twitter.

Keep it social : Always remember that twitter is not a classified posting site and you cannot use it to post ads per se but one can of course use the advertising platform and provide quality content to lead prospects through a specific marketing funnel. Your account can be terminated if is found out that you are using it for spamming purposes. Therefore, focus on providing information, latest news, and useful updates.

Strategic Tweeting : One question that we often pose to clients in seminars and workshops is “what is the best time of the day to tweet” ? to which we receive various fixed times; the answer is “it depends”. To determine the answer to this question will necessitate …

  • posting content using varying hashtags
  • post related subject matter
  • monitor engagement

… based on the complex interaction of all three above – we will come up with just when is the best time[s] of the day to tweet. This of course will continue to change as the market [needs of the customer] changes along with that which is in the news.

Build relationships to establish trust : Remember that people are far more likely to buy from someone they know and trust. Make friends first and then offer your products or services after establishing a relationship with your followers.

The strategic tweeting, following, connecting with influencers, keeping things social and other [what we consider to be] twitter marketing fundamentals are all part of Capid Houser’s Digital Marketing Makeover service offering. This works in conjunction with other aspects of social media marketing, video marketing, image marketing as well as search engine marketing all designed to promote and marketing companies along with its brand, products and services.

The suit filed in Washington Superior Court claims the unidentified defendants were selling reviews on online marketplace Fiverr.com. Fiverr is said to be cooperating with Amazon.

This makes very interesting reading as we spent some time on this topic as part of an overall digital marketing services uk workshop with a group of clients, the sub topic was that of our reputation management marketing fits into the daily strategic …


… digital marketing and social media activities of any organisation or company needing to enhance its marketing efforts such as …

o Restaurants
o Beauty Salons
o Auto Dealers
o Builders
o Fashion Retailers
o Food Retailers
o Gymnasiums

… and the list could of course go on and on. In particular we focused on setting up a defined process for providing incentives for real customers to come back and leave positive testimonials based on their real life experiences with the company. We specifically spoke about not doing what is referred to in the subject of this post, i.e. buying reviews or getting false reviews posted in order to boost the reputation of any business.


Looking at marketing from a tops down approach, clients are reminded that there are always multiple channels to market and that digital marketing and social media is one of them, it is therefore important to ensure that other ways [channels] of communicating with clients are used as; some clients are more used to their way of interaction. With that said, when it comes to boosting the online reviews and reputation management – the face to face in person, over the counter method still works, from there we can guide clients into passing their positive feedback and reviews on our business down into the digital realm.

In closing company owners are reminded that effective business marketing on the internet works in conjunction with multiple moving parts, therefore they are advised not to isolate any one activity but to execute social media and digital marketing campaigns in order to gain maximum online exposure. In the long run, a few real life positive reviews and testimonials work far better that many false fictitious ones – keeping it clean and honest will pay back in dividends in terms of customer interaction, new & repeat business leading to revenue generation.