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The focus of Capid Houser's Digital Marketing Agency's operations is to help businesses, their brands, their product & services become more visible online so that your chosen target market customers can find your company, its products and services after they search for specific and related terms via the search engines and using Social Media Marketing Agency strategies.

We provide Web Design services, Website Audits, SEO or Search Engine Optimization, Local Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay per Click Marketing, and Online Reputation Management : contact us to learn more.

Digital Marketing Agency Strategic Process

Build Your Business & Brand, Connect With Existing Clients & Generate New Business Leads
Digital Marketing & Social Media is now a key component in the marketing mix of companies large and small. The internet provides way too many opportunities for your business to get the message about its products and services out to the world at large for this particular Channel To Market to be either ignored or, the execution of your marketing not to be carried out in a professional, white hat manner that will service to enhance your business.

Capid Houser's comprehensive Digital Agency Marketing Process will ensure that your business receives maximum exposure form the internet as we make use of the most appropriate sub channels of Search Engine Marketing, Reputation Management & Social Media Marketing in the digital marketing space.

Capid Houser Digital Marketing Process

All of the work we undertake is underpinned by the foundational Website Audit, Analysis & Competitive Positioning Report that we carry out at the beginning of the project in order to determine how your business measures up with other companies in your industry allowing us to direct our digital marketing efforts appropriately.   

We Are An Extension Of Your Marketing Department

Save Money, See Results Stay focused on your business, marketing strategy, products, services and clients which is are core competencies. Understanding search engine algorithms, website optimization and the 'how to get more traffic to your website' question that all business owners have to consider to us as we work as your social media digital marketing agency and partner. 

Leave the complexities of online social media digital marketing strategies to Capid Houser, your partner in business. We specialize in business strategy consulting and digital online marketing and have worked extensively throughout Europe, the Far East and the United States with clients such as Hewlett Packard, Wipro, Swatch Group China, Black and Decker, Austria Telekom & OMV Petrom. Rest assured that with our consultative approach to your business [we do not have a one size fits all approach] - we will develop your online profile which will lead to improved search engine rankings, improved customer communication and satisfaction which result in stabilized and increasing revenue generation.

We Are Your Additional Staff Building your business using today's technology and strategic internet marketing fundamentals requires personnel with very specific skill sets. Partnering with us will mean that you do not need to engage in training personnel in internet skillsets with all of the extra monies that this will entail not to mention the extra time that it will take. By outsourcing your search engine optimization and other digital online marketing needs to Capid Houser you will benefit from the significant advantages that online marketing brings to a business all without having to incur extra business expenses. contact us to learn more.

Get Instant Access to Project Updates We use a dashboard reporting system that allows you to check the progress of your campaign on a monthly basis. All you need to do is to log in to our system using the account details we’ll give you and you can check all reports about your campaign.

Focus on your-Core Business It’s tough enough to oversee day to day operations of your business. Unfortunately, that’s the side of the business where you cannot be taken out. That side needs your expertise and your wisdom. That side needs your guidance. Getting us to manage your online marketing needs enables you to focus on your core business, in doing what you do best.

Expert Business Strategy Development Experience

We have worked with companies large and small all over the world throughout Europe, the Far East and the United States of America from varying market sectors (you can view some of their logos below). We can be sure that we have developed significant experiences and know how from working with various clients. This will all be used to assist us in our thought process as we develop your Digital Online Marketing Strategy.

capid houser strategic digital online marketing

Leadership the director and lead consultant of Capid Houser is Stephen C Campbell [MBA, MSc, MCIM] who directs the team to provide excellence in the marketplace for your business.

 You can rest assured that the team will deliver the very best of service in terms of implementing your go to market strategy in the digital online world.  contact us to learn more.